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WebSilo enables employees and trusted business partners to access company documents in a secure, controlled environment. By centralizing, securing and tracking document management system and delivery, WebSilo helps streamline business processes, improve customer service, and reduce operational cost.

The WebSilo Document Delivery Portal allows documents to be stored and organized in a secure, centralized location. It is built to provide fine-grained access, security and tracking for each file. In addition, WebSilo combines a core set of information management capabilities with proven scalability, performance and advanced features.


  • Access your documents securely from anywhere through the web.
  • Organize your documents by categories such as packages and products.
  • Full‐text indexing technology allowing powerful searches within document content.
  • Control access to your documents by role, user and user group.
  • Create document “packages” to share multiple documents with a single click using the “selector tree”
  • Track document access by users.
  • Generate activity reports for files and file packages.
  • Enforce NDA, and License restrictions for secure access.
  • Seamless login from your company’s webpage ‐ maintain the “look and feel” of your corporate identity.
  • Easy PDF conversion, password protection, customizable PDF options and watermarking.