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Cavium Networks

The Customer

Folio3 ServicesCavium Networks is a provider of highly integrated semiconductor products that enable intelligent processing in networking, communications, storage and security applications. Cavium partners closely with some of the biggest names in the networking and communication industries, with their chips and boards being part of abroad array of solutions,

including routers, switches, security appliances, gateways, wireless local area network and 3G access equipment, storage networking equipment, servers and intelligent network interface cards. Cavium is a new, publicly traded company (NASDAQ: CAVM) and has won numerous awards and customer wins for its innovative products, and its close focus on the customer.

Problem and the Folio3 Solution

Folio3 ServicesCavium works with OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers) to integrate their products – mostly high-end networking chips – into their customer’s products. Cavium’s partners relied on accurate and timely documentation to design and build solutions around its products. This documentation was subject to license and NDA restrictions. Even within one partner organization, only select individuals were allowed to access documentation. Timely delivery of documentation was also a concern: with aggressive product development schedules andcontractual obligations requiring delivery within a certain timeframe, Cavium needed to ensure – and track – that the appropriate version of a document made it to the appropriate people in a timely manner. Initially, Cavium employees managed all of this using email, but as the number of products, product versions, partners, solutions and technical marketing personnel grew, organizing and tracking documents and their delivery quickly became an intractable problem.

Folio3’s WebSilo solution solved this problem by providing Cavium with centralized control of all their confidential documents. Users of this system included Cavium application engineers, sales personnel and their counterparts at Cavium’s partners. Access privileges were set so that users could view only documents that they were authorized by to view by a Cavium representative.

Using the WebSilo Document Delivery Portal, Cavium employees could group users with similar access privileges so that they could be provided access to document packages relevant to their project. If required, NDA and licensing requirements could be enforced directly through the system, by requiring users to digitally sign agreements before viewing certain documents.

Technologies Used

Folio3’s WebSilo solution is built using the popular Java (J2EE) based Jetspeed portal, making it very easy to extend and customize a customer’s requirements. It runs on the Linux and Window platforms and supports the Internet Explorer, Mozilla and Safari browsers.