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Proxpro Inc. ( is a provider of advanced software solutions for the mobile workforce management and location-based services industries. The company’s situation-aware products present just-in-time information, empowering professionals and mobile teams to make better decisions, reduce costs and improve customer service.

The company’s star product is its multi award winning, carrier certified Prompt app. Dubbed as the ‘Road Warrior’s Early Warning System’, Prompt is a push technology mobile solution that helps people reach their destinations on time. It accomplishes this through smart “when to leave” reminders that check the user’s calendar for the next destination, evaluates live traffic conditions and incident information to determine the actual travel time and then provides the user with voice enabled turn-by-turn directions.


As a self-funded startup on a budget, it was challenging for Proxpro to attract and retain resources with the specialized skill set required to work on an innovative product like Prompt. The company was therefore seeking a development partner that could provide the required depth and breadth of expertise to deliver on its vision for Prompt, within a limited budget.

Proxpro chose Folio3 as its development partner based on Folio3’s reputation for delivering high quality mobile solutions at a startup budget.

To start off the project, Folio3 assigned a dedicated Product Manager, a BlackBerry developer and a User Experience designer to define Prompt’s functional and usability requirements. Based on the these requirements, a sophisticated algorithm was developed by the Folio3 team, to determine the optimal route and travel time by taking into account live traffic information, weather and mapping data in order to avoid traffic congestion and road closures. Based on this information, the app then generates precise “when to leave” countdown alerts. Prompt was also enhanced by Folio3 to provide personalized, location based weather reports.

Thanks to Folio3’s efforts, Proxpro’s Prompt won the “best mobile app” award at Andrew Seybold’s Innovation Rally, the People’s Choice Award (Enterprise Category) at SiRF’s Location 2.0 Summit and The NAVTEQ Location-based Challenge Award for its cutting edge innovation and usability.

Prompt is a Blackberry certified application and is also featured on the AT&T app store.


The technology used in Prompt’s development was the BlackBerry® Java® Development Environment (BlackBerry JDE) and Python programming language.


The Prompt mobile app was developed using agile software development methodology where the Proxpro and Folio3 teams worked in close collaboration. Communication on the project consisted of bi-weekly voice conferences for sharing progress reports and solution evolution. Basecamp was used as the project collaboration tool.