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Indigo Engine

The Customer

Folio3 ServicesIndigo Engine is a software consulting company based in New York City, focused on building solutions around web based enterprise applications. Its eclectic client list consists of household names, such as Pfizer, as well as venture backed and early stage startups, such as Move On In, which provides a global roommate matching service.

The Problem and the Folio3 Solution

The Indigo Engine leadership consisted of senior ex- technology and strategy consultants. In the cost conscious post dot com environment, their competitive advantage consisted of combining their extensive technology and management experience with low cost, offshore implementation. Indigo Engine needed to work with a development partner that would collaborate with them closely to respond to their customers’ changing and sometimes
almost unreasonable needs. It needed high quality personnel who could deliver on projects derived from their long time, trusted industry relationships.

Starting with a small team to test the waters, Indigo Engine soon expanded its relationship with Folio3 to include over a dozen engineers working on multiple projects. These included a software architect, who was responsible for the technical design of the products, overall product quality and performance; web programmers, who coded the various applications, and quality assurance personnel, who tested the applications both for performance and to ensure minimal defects. A project manager coordinated work at Folio3, as well as acted as the single point of contact with the various Indigo Engine onsite project managers.

The Indigo team at Folio3 worked very closely with customers, with daily IM and phone sessions to facilitate a 24 hour work cycle, and to provide seamless, immediate feedback to customer issues and requests.

Technologies Used

.NET, LAMP (Linux Apache, MySQL, PHP), ASP.

Development Methodology Used

Software Development Lifecycle.