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Green Cardamom

The Customer

Folio3 ServicesGreen Cardamom an arts organization working with artists in the early stages of their international careers. Based in London, UK, they promote promising artists through exhibitions at art galleries, publications, special projects and their website. Their particular focus is on artists from South Asia, Central Asia and the Middle East.

Problem and the Folio3 Solution

Green Cardamom’s founding team consisted of art critics and aficionados from business and consulting backgrounds. In order to grow their organization, they needed to focus on finding, mentoring and promoting new artists, as well as closely collaborating with arts organizations in order to promote their target genres and artists. While they had a lot of ideas on how their website should look and work, they needed a development partner they could rely on to closely work with them in order to make it a reality. Green Cardamom needed extensive administrative capabilities for their web site. As new artists came on board, they wanted a way to easily publish their professional biographies and work samples. They wanted a way to quickly add a featured set of artists and their works on their site’s home page – in order to update it regularly to keep it fresh and engaging. In addition, they needed a way to keep inventory of all the art works they had in stock and their current location, in order to track all the artwork at various exhibitions or galleries. In order to manage their contacts and promote their exhibitions, they also needed contact management and email list capabilities – the basic components of a CRM system.

Folio3 worked closely with Green Cardamom to understand its requirements, and designed a solution to meet all their needs. To keep development and hosting costs low, open source technologies were used. In designing the system, ease of use by Green Cardamom was key. The design started with use cases and detailed descriptions of functionality. “Wireframes” conveying the basic idea of screen design and navigation were created and agreed upon before implementation. Nevertheless, if functionality was perceived to be clunky by users, it was modified to streamline it.

Green Cardamom uses the Folio3 designed art gallery management system to both manage its website as well a core part of their operations.

They have been a Folio3 customer for over 2 years.

Technologies Used

PHP programming based on the LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) stack

Development Methodology Used

Software Development Lifecycle