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The Customer

Folio3 ServicesDiagnosisONE is a privately held, self funded company in the Boston area focused on providing decision support systems to physicians, clinics and hospitals. D1.Pathway is an expert system based on rules derived from lab, pharmacy and radiology data that helps physicians make accurate diagnoses. D1.Exchange supports Regional Health

Information Organizations (RHIOs) by providing access to data for all patients in a given region – from heterogeneous technology environments at hospitals, clinics, small practices, labs and pharmacies. DiagnosisONE has a prestigious list of customers, such as the Government of Puerto Rico and the CDC (Centers for Disease Control).

Problem and the Folio3 Solution

Being a self funded product development company, DiagnosisONE needed to keep tight control over its development costs. It needed to focus resources on the leadership team’s core competence: crafting the right solution to meet its customers’ needs in this highly specialized vertical. Since product quality is a huge factor in the medical field, DiagnosisONE needed to work with a reliable partner that it could count on to deliver high quality software.

DiagnosisONE started cautiously with Folio3, with just one skilled Java developer. As the initial engagement succeeded, the team was quickly expanded into two separate components, with three developers each working on the Pathway and the Exchange products, and a small Quality Assurance team supporting the developers. The DiagnosisONE team at Folio3 works very closely with the engineering leadership in Boston, with almost daily Instant Messenger (IM) sessions and frequent phone calls to ensure that DiagnosisONE’s global engineering team stays coordinated.

DiagnosisONE has been a Folio3 customer for over 2.5 years.

Technologies Used

Java (J2EE) on the BEA Weblogic stack, including the BEA Application Server and Rules Engine. Microsoft .NET (C#). Dot Net Nuke (DNN) Portal Server.

Development Methodology Used

Feature Driven Development.