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Rapid website development platform


SOCXS is an independent software start-up based in California that specializes in developing consumer applications and websites.


One of SOCXS’s star products is their Social Exchanges (SOCXS) platform, a Rapid Website Development Platform that allows users to create and manage single and multi-page, social media integrated websites utilizing customized website templates.

Since ease of use is the platform’s primary feature, the company was looking for a reliable development partner who could help it revamp the SOCXS platform’s user interface and complex backend architecture, in order to provide a better experience to the platform’s users. The client chose to engage Folio3 for this task, due to Folio3’s expertise in developing web based applications & websites and its reputation for delivering high quality solutions.

After analyzing the project’s requirements, Folio3 assigned a dedicated development team to the task, comprising of four software developers and one project manager. This team worked in close collaboration with the client’s onshore software architect and product manager and offshore QA staff (in Malaysia), to completely overhaul the platform’s user interface and backend architecture, over a period of eight months.

As a result of these efforts, the SOCXS rapid website development platform is now much easier to use due to its new, simplified user interface that allows even those customers who have no technical background to rapidly create (& easily manage) multi-page, social media integrated, dynamic websites. This is made possible by the host of customized website templates that the platform’s new user interface offers, using which users can quickly create their websites’ desired layout & content structure. The new UI also provides a search feature for social media channels, via which users can search for and select the social media channel/channels they would like to integrate with their websites. The developed websites then automatically pull in & update the user’s social media content, without any additional coding. The new user interface also enables users to implement Google analytics in their websites, via the same workflow. The revamped back-end architecture on the other hand, enables the SOCXS platform to generate a fully developed website with deep social media integration, within a matter of minutes.

The client was so impressed with Folio3’s work on the SOCXS rapid website development platform, that it has engaged Folio3 for providing dedicated support for the platform – providing maintenance and adding new features and enhancements, as per the client’s requirements.

The project is currently ongoing and subsequently, the client continues to be a strong partner of Folio3 with the partnership now approaching its first year.


The primary technologies used on this project were the Microsoft .NET 4.0 Framework (ASP.Net & C#), Microsoft SQL Server 2008 and Amazon Web Services.


Folio3 used the Scrum / Agile development methodology on this project with JIRA as the project management tool.
Rapid website development platform SOCXS