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The Customer

Folio3 ServicesMediaMorph is a venture backed, early stage company focused on building next generation software for serving video and multimedia advertisements to websites. The founding team consists of veteran internet and digital media technologists and strategists. With Folio3’s development help, their platform is in Beta at some extremely well known media and entertainment based web properties.

The Problem and the Folio3 Solution

Based in Manhattan – close to New York’s entertainment company and ad agency headquarters – MediaMorph’s founders wanted to limit the initial number of expensive on-site resources to the minimum number necessary. At the same time, they needed a development partner with the resources, processes and maturity to deliver at a level expected from a high performance US based team.

Based on Folio3’s focus on startups and its impressive track record of successful delivery, MediaMorph chose Folio3. It decided to test the waters with an initial project which was to create a prototype that optimizes and publishes multi-media content so that targeted (instead of random) content is viewed by website visitors. The prototype included custom tracking, log processing and reporting components that presented real-time data to website administrators.

MediaMorph provided detailed specifications for the initial project, but as the Folio3 architect and project manager reviewed these to come up with a technical design, they discovered a number of issues that led to an improved, more robust design. Implementation proceeded quickly once the design phase was concluded, although the inevitable adjustments typical of new product development continued to be made.

This required very close communication and collaboration between the client and the Folio3 team, with daily calls and email exchanges being the norm. A web based project management system was used to discuss and track all features and issues and monitor development progress.

As the first project drove towards conclusion well within time and budget, MediaMorph switched to a team based approach, Most of the team that had worked on the initial project now became dedicated members of the MediaMorph team at Folio3. This allowed MediaMorph a great deal of flexibility. For example, if they needed to interrupt mainstream product development work to focus on a custom project for a strategic client, they could do so without any issues. The team was theirs to manage directly and was effectively MediaMorph’s development team based offshore.

Technologies Used

J2EE, Struts, Tiles, Hibernate, Log4j, JUnit, JasperReports, MySQL, PostGres, Python, Pylons Server, ActionScript 2.0, ActionScript 3.0, JavaScript, Apache, Tomcat

Development Methodology Used

Agile Development with progress shared on a daily basis through virtual meetings. Confluence wiki is used for requirements management and Mantis is used as the bug tracking tool.