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NetSuite customization services


The Sundia Corporation is one the fastest growing fruit produce brands in North America. Headquartered in California, the company produces and markets fresh fruit produce with the goal of promoting increased consumption of fruit and vegetables amongst the masses. Its product line includes both fresh fruit produce and ready-to-eat, organic, assorted fresh fruit cups that are distributed in the US, Canada, Philippines India and China.


Sundia Corporation was looking for vendor to help it streamline the supply chain backend in its NetSuite ERP. This supply chain comprised of receiving electronic purchase orders (POs) in NetSuite from customers, via B2BGateway’s Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) network. Corresponding sales orders would then be created against these purchase orders within NetSuite and fulfilled accordingly. At times multiple purchase orders were received from the same customer in a single file. However since all purchase orders were in EDI format, there was no way to view or verify the information received in the POs and given the size of Sundia’s operations, it was essential for the company to be able to do so in an efficient way. Sundia Corporation therefore wanted solution whereby it could:

  • Split multiple purchase orders received in a single file from the same customer, into individual purchase orders
  • Store all received purchase orders in human readable format in NetSuite, along with their corresponding sales orders

The company was therefore looking for a vendor with expertise in both NetSuite customization services and web based development, to help it create such a solution. Sundia Corporation chose to engage Folio3 for this project, due to Folio3’s extensive expertise in these domains and its excellent track record of having delivered on Sundia’s prior NetSuite projects.

After analyzing the requirements, Folio3’s development team started work on the project. Working in collaboration with Sundia Corporation’s management, the Folio3 team designed and developed a custom Suitelet that is available in the User Interface menu to authorized users. This Suitelet reads the HTML file containing the purchase orders received from B2BGateway, splits them into individual purchase orders (if received in a single file from the same customer); converts them into PDF format and then associates them with their respective Sales Orders. It then sends out an email to the relevant user role/roles, reporting the status of each transaction i.e. whether the Purchase Order/Orders were generated successfully or not.

Thanks to Folio3’s NetSuite customization services and the developed custom functionality, the Sundia Corporation has been able to greatly streamline its supply chain and customer service operations, as its staff is now able to reference and verify every Purchase Order received within NetSuite; enabling them to swiftly resolve any disputes that arise (regarding order quantity or pricing). Subsequently, Sundia Corporation continues to be long standing partner of Folio3, with the current project being the latest in a string of successful NetSuite implementations that Folio3 has delivered to the company. These prior projects include NetSuite integration and NetSuite custom development work such as:

  • Inventory replenishment planning and triggers based on custom rules in NetSuite
  • Implementation of a customized bills approval workflow in NetSuite
  • Implementation of custom rules for billing invoices in NetSuite
  • Development of customized graphical reports (charts and graphs) for various Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) reporting in NetSuite

The partnership is presently in its fifth year.


The primary technologies used on this project include HTML, SuiteScript and Suitelet.


Folio3 used the Agile Development Methodology on this project with Basecamp as the project management tools.