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Dog Is Good is US based retailer that manufactures and sells gifts & apparel for dog lovers. Located in Los Alamitos, California the company sells its products to both wholesale buyers and retail customers and has also licensed its brand to numerous manufacturers in the pet, gift and home product industries.


Dog is Good was looking for a development partner to help it redesign its exiting e-commerce website’s interface, in order to make it more user friendly for its customers. The company also wanted to develop and incorporate a B2B portal on its existing website, via which it could sell its products directly to wholesalers, from the same site.

However since the company uses NetSuite as its primary ERP system, its key requirement was to have both its B2C website and the new B2B e-commerce portal integrated with its NetSuite account at the backend. The company was therefore looking for a suitable vendor who had sufficient expertise in both NetSuite web store development and NetSuite integration/customization work as well as web based development, to help it create these solutions.

Dog Is Good chose to engage NetSuite SDN Partner Folio3 for these projects, due to Folio3’s extensive expertise in both NetSuite & web development and its excellent track record of delivering quality solutions.

After analyzing the client’s requirements, Folio3’s development team started work on the project. Working in close collaboration with the client’s management Folio3’s graphic design artists and UI engineers developed a brand new User Interface for the Dog Is Good website, by redefining and modifying the site’s existing menus, items categories & content and incorporating a number of new features such as:

  • Customizable image sliders and zooming tools
  • Store locater
  • User reviews & blog
  • Email newsletters
  • Customized email templates
  • A Simplified registration process
  • Confirmation emails (including order confirmation)

Simultaneously, Folio3’s developers developed the new B2B e-commerce portal from scratch and integrated it with the existing website. They then linked both the B2C website and the new B2B portal with Dog Is Good’s NetSuite account, using the NetSuite Webstore module. They also made a number of customizations in the NetSuite Webstore to facilitate the feature enhancements mentioned above and to enable:

  • Real-time sync & display of inventory
  • Saving & retrieval of customer & order data
  • Modified checkout procedure & payment options (for the B2B portal)
  • Addition of multiple matrix items to cart based on options selected (for the B2B portal)
  • Product filtration & search to display only wholesale items (for the B2B portal)
  • Product recommendations based on prior searches (for the B2C website)

The new site was made live in less than three months and was extremely well received by both the company’s customers and wholesalers, due to its ease to use and feature set. More importantly, the addition of the B2B portal to the website has enabled Dog Is Good to cater to both wholesalers and customers from one central medium, with the integrated NetSuite ERP at the backend helping streamline both supply chain and sales operations.

Dog Is Good was so pleased with these results that it has engaged Folio3 for providing dedicated NetSuite web store development support for the website; adding new features and enhancements and providing maintenance as needed.


The primary technologies used in NetSuite web store development on this project include HTML, JQuery, JavaScript, Suitescript, Magic Scroll™, Magic Zoom™ and the NetSuite Ecommerce bundle.


Folio3 used the Iterative Software Development Methodology on this project with Basecamp and Microsoft Project as the project management tools.

NetSuite web store development services