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Augmented reality iPhone app development


Playaxis is a privately held software development studio based in the San Francisco Bay Area which specializes in developing mobile apps. The studio boasts a broad range of mobile apps including augmented reality apps, games and crowd-sourced solutions.


As a budding start-up Playaxis was looking to partner with an experienced software development company, who could help it develop high quality software solutions while minimizing its development overhead. In Folio3 it found a compelling development partner with the resources, processes and maturity to deliver the high quality mobile apps it was looking for.

Folio3 provided Playaxis with augmented reality iPhone app development services and helped them develop their first iPhone app called Gotcha Santa! This augmented reality iPhone app enables the user to take photos from the iPhone’s camera and overlay them with an image of Santa Claus. The idea is to convince kids that Santa Claus’s really exists by showing them photos of him visiting their home on Christmas Eve. The “Gotcha” comes from the fact that Santa is surprised by the camera, which makes the photo more authentic.

Based on Playaxis’ requirements, Folio3 was able to deliver an augmented reality app that incorporated this concept through a custom architecture. The app uses the native camera overlay of the iPhone to display a real-time camera image with superimposed images of Santa Claus and Christmas decorations. The app includes multiple photos of Santa from different angles.

The Gotcha Santa! app also enables users to customize their photo using built-in image editing features such as cropping to fit any room, brightness adjustment and other settings. The images can also be shared with friends and family via email, Facebook and Twitter directly from the app.


This native iOS app was built with Objective C, using the Apple’s Xcode integrated development environment (IDE). Xcode is Apple’s standard for developing software for the Mac OS X and iOS operating systems.

The Gotcha Santa! augmented reality iPhone app development took only 6 weeks using the SCRUM agile software development processes.

Augmented reality iPhone app development