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NetSuite web store development

Waterbar is the first company in the Middle East that provides its clients with exclusive, fine, premium waters from around the world. Their portfolio is carefully selected by renowned water sommeliers and is considered as “the finest bottled water collection in the world!”

This Middle East based customer of Folio3 delivers worldwide to clients in the UK and Middle East, from hotels and restaurants to individual consumers.

The Problem and the Folio3 Solution

Waterbar wanted to be able to offer their collection of fine waters to clients all over the world. They required an online presence that not only met the discerning tastes of their clients but also tied into their existing NetSuite implementation.

Using its NetSuite web store development expertise, Folio3 developed a completely integrated solution for Waterbar. The website displays their products and allows their users to place orders, both in bulk (for business buyers) as well as small (for individual buyers) quantities. The website displays all the products available using real-time data from NetSuite, and controls the visibility of a product(s) on the order form. NetSuite’s Webstore was used to provide an “” like shopping experience and to accept payments from different credit cards and in international currencies.

The solution implemented by Folio3 included making customizations within NetSuite to allow for the website to interact with the backend. The customizations included saving and retrieving data on customers, real-time synchronization and display of inventory, and order confirmation emails.

NetSuite Web store Development – Technologies Used

NetSuite, HTML, DHTML, CSS, Advanced Java Scripting and Suite Scripting.