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NetSuite eBay Integration for Osage County Guns


Osage County Guns is a leading US based retailer of guns, ammunition and accessories. Headquartered in Belle, Missouri the company sells its products via its retail store, eBay and a number of micro-sites dedicated to individual brands that it carries.


Osage County Guns uses eBay as its primary e-commerce portal and NetSuite as its ERP. As such it had to manually input sales transaction details (including customer details and shipping information) for all sales made on eBay into its NetSuite account and then manually generate sales orders and payment invoices in NetSuite, for each completed sale. Once orders were sent out for shipping, Osage’s staff had to manually update the relevant sales orders on eBay with the items’ shipping details and shipment tracking numbers.

Osage County Guns wanted to automate this process, by integrating its eBay merchant account with NetSuite. The company was looking for a suitable vendor with expertise in NetSuite eBay integration, to help it create this solution. Osage County Guns chose to engage Folio3 for this project, due to Folio3’s extensive expertise in NetSuite and third party platform integration work and its excellent track record of having delivered on Osage’s prior NetSuite projects.

After analyzing the requirements, Folio3’s development team started work on the project. Using Folio3’s proprietary NetSuite-eBay Connector, the development team created an automated solution which seamlessly syncs sales orders and customer records between Osage’s eBay merchant account and NetSuite.

The NetSuite-eBay Connector runs at periodic intervals and automatically fetches all ‘checkout complete’ sales from Osage’s eBay merchant account. It then uses the sold items’ SKUs to locate and fetch their details from NetSuite. Using these details and the sales transaction data from eBay, the NetSuite-eBay Connector automatically creates sales orders, payment invoices and associated customer records for each sold item in NetSuite. The NetSuite-eBay Connector’s built in validation parameters ensure that only those items are updated as “sold” in NetSuite, whose sales orders do not exist and whose SKUs match the eBay transactions. Once a sales order is marked as fulfilled by Osage’s staff in NetSuite, the Connector picks it up and posts the information to Osage’s eBay account, along with its shipping info (carrier, shipping date) and tracking details. Automated notifications from eBay then intimate the buyer about the order’s fulfillment status and tracking information.

Thanks to this NetSuite eBay integration, Osage County Guns has been able to completely automate its order fulfillment process, which has greatly enhanced the efficiency and effectiveness of its sales operations. As a result, the company has experienced a substantial boost in its online sales. Osage County Guns was so pleased with these results, that it has engaged Folio3 to provide dedicated support for the solution; adding new features and enhancements and providing maintenance as necessary.


The primary technologies used for NetSuite eBay integration on this project include SuiteScript, Suitelet and the eBay API.


Folio3 used the Agile Development Methodology on this project with Basecamp as the project management tool.

NetSuite eBay Integration