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What Security Aspects to Consider for a React Native Application?

In a world where technology evolves rapidly, React Native has emerged as one of the prominent players in the mobile development industry. As developers increasingly turn to cross-platform solutions, the significance of ensuring application security cannot be overstated. App security … Read More »

Using Mockoon to Speed Up API Mocking and Testing

With the increased demand for rapid software development, API mocking and testing can be one of the most time-consuming tasks in application delivery. However, creating the necessary API mocking environment can often be challenging and time-consuming. This is where tools … Read More »

Testing of AI/AR-based Apps

AR (Augmented Reality) and VR (Virtual Reality) are immersive technologies that alter our perception of the real world. AR involves overlaying digital information or virtual objects onto the real-world environment. VR immerses users in a wholly digital environment, isolating them … Read More »

The Psychology of Product Adoption: Understanding User Behavior to Drive Success

In the fast-paced realm of product development and marketing, understanding the psychology of product adoption is akin to accomplishing a powerful key to unlock the gates of success. In today’s digital landscape, competition is fierce, and user attention spans are … Read More »

Leveraging Gamification in Product Management: Engaging Users for Success

Product managers always seek new and creative methods to draw in and keep users in today’s competitive market. Incorporating game concepts and ideas into non-gaming environments, or “gamification,” is one tactic that has become more popular.  By integrating competitive and … Read More »

XML Based UI to Jetpack Compose Migration

Introduction In the active landscape of Android development, the shift from XML-based UI to Jetpack Compose has become a topic of interest and necessity for many developers. This migration opens doors to a more efficient and modern way of crafting … Read More »

A Product Manager’s Guide to Balancing Innovation and Risk Management to Achieve Success

In the ever-evolving world of product management, innovation may encounter risk management problems. While innovation promotes growth and competitiveness, it also might create uncertainties and accidental pitfalls. Product managers must struggle with conflicting goals as organizers of product creation. This … Read More »

In-App Purchases in React Native using StoreKit2 & Google Billing

Apple’s StoreKit2 framework, announced at WWDC 2021, simplifies the development and testing of react native in app purchases on iOS. One of StoreKit2’s key features is its integration with Xcode. We can now see the status of react native in … Read More »

Optimized LINQ Queries in .NET?

LINQ (Language Integrated Query) has revolutionized data manipulation and querying in C#, offering developers a powerful and intuitive way to interact with data sources. However, using the full potential of LINQ requires more than just writing queries – it demands … Read More »

Introduction to MVI Architecture in Android

Introduction MVI (Model-View-Intent) is an Android development pattern that ensures unidirectional data flow and separation of concerns. The Model holds the app’s state. The View displays the UI and sends user actions as Intents. Intents represent user actions and update … Read More »

Implementing CI/CD for Moodle LMS on Azure Containerized Apps using GitHub Actions

In today’s rapidly evolving educational landscape, the demand for robust Learning Management Systems (LMS) like Moodle is at an all-time high. To meet the ever-growing expectations of educators and learners, it’s imperative to leverage cutting-edge technologies for seamless integration/continuous deployment … Read More »

The Role of AI in Modern Product Management: A Paradigm Shift

Artificial intelligence (AI) is becoming increasingly disruptive in continuous product innovation. It makes the product development process focus on the product itself and the adopting environment, accompanied by optimization and improvement along the joint path. This article deals with AI’s … Read More »

Instant Cloud VMs with a cURL Command?!?

Cloud computing has transformed how we deploy and manage applications, offering unparalleled scalability, flexibility, and efficiency. However, despite its benefits, navigating cloud consoles can often be a frustrating experience, with clunky interfaces and limited real-time feedback. But what if there’s … Read More »

5 Steps to Pass Core Web Vitals for WordPress Websites

Essential 5 Aspects to Pass Core Web Vitals for WordPress Websites Mentioned below are the key aspects that not only improve web performance but also help pass the core web vitals: 1. Google’s Page Experience Algorithm Google continually updates its … Read More »