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Introduction to Protocol Buffer and guidelines on how to use it

    Protocol buffer also known as protobuf was designed by google for internal use to store data and to communicate between processes. Google has now provided support for multiple languages and made it public under open source license. It … Read More »

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Generate Gift Card Codes in Bulk for Magento Stores

    Magento Commerce (formerly Magento Enterprise) Gift Card functionality doesn’t support the ability to create Gift Card codes in bulk, therefore to generate multiple gift card codes with different denominations, you have to generate each gift card individually. That’s … Read More »

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A Definitive Guide to Understanding Microservices Architecture

Let’s begin with a scenario. Imagine you are creating a next generation social media application. An application that will revolutionize the way people interact. You expect it to be a great success in future. You are very excited and much … Read More »

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Email Notification Alerts for Product Delete in a Magento 2 Store

      The e-commerce businesses sometimes get significant losses in their sale due to site’s misadministration, especially in cases, if more than one administrator is responsible for site administering. E.g.: If any of the admin user deletes the product … Read More »

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