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5 Key Factors that Make NativeScript an Ideal Mobile App Framework

With the advent of multiple mobile phone brands and subsequent introduction of separate app stores, the idea of choosing a cross-platform framework gained hype. But there were tradeoffs with the previously existing frameworks, if your app was to support all … Read More »

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How to Fix Forgot/Reset Password Blank Page in Magento?

If you’ve recently upgraded your Magento server with SUPEE-6788 or SUPEE-8788, you might have encountered an issue with your Magento store’s forgot password / reset password page where that entire page appears blank to users when they land on it. We recently upgraded … Read More »

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How To Install Magento 2 on Windows

In the world of ecommerce, Magento framework is already a establish name. In past couple of years Magento gain immense popularity and that’s why it share a major chunk of ecommerce industry. Recently Magento launch its 2.0 community edition. Now … Read More »

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