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An In-Depth Look At PHP Unit Assertions

A Definitive Guide to Testing PHP Applications with PHP Unit outlines the core to-dos for getting started with unit testing in PHP. If you would like to implement the ideas presented in this blog, please ensure that you have scanned … Read More »

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Vulnerability Assessments or Penetration Testing – Choose Wisely!

  The terms “Vulnerability Assessment” and “Penetration Testing” are often confused. But is this confusion correct and justified? We should note that although these security methods sometimes duplicate but they differ from each other in terms of different goals. Both … Read More »

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Development and Configuration of Order Email Coupons in Magento 2

    E-commerce businesses always needs dynamic rules of marketing to attract and lure their customers. The more the customers visits the sites, the more opportunity for the merchants to sell their products and ultimately, in returns a handsome revenue. … Read More »

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