Monthly Archives: January 2024

How to Enable Spring Boot Actuator to Your Application

Spring Boot Actuator is a powerful tool that comes bundled with Spring Boot applications. It gives you production-ready features, like application health check monitoring, incoming traffic, database running state, and gathering metrics (usage of core processors, heap memory, threads, loaded/unloaded … Read More »

Role of Generative AI in Software Testing

Generative AI in software testing has the capacity to generate diverse test scenarios, surpassing the coverage of conventional approaches. This extensive examination of software enables the detection of bugs and vulnerabilities that could easily go unnoticed. That’s why generative AI … Read More »

Embracing 7 Japanese Wisdom in Product Management

Software development demands the exploration of effective methodologies to enhance productivity and foster innovation. It’s not easy to get inspired and find a way to instill these practices, but there is one source of inspiration that holds valuable principles, which … Read More »

Getting Started with .NET 8 Core as a Complete Noob

Why Choose .NET Core in 2024? Why would you choose .NET Core when you have a billion other frameworks to choose from? You have Django for the Python magic, you have NestJS for it’s native support for Javascript. Why do … Read More »

Diving into PHP 8.2: Exploring the New and Exciting Features

Hello, fellow PHP enthusiasts! Today, we’re exploring the new and improved features in PHP 8.2 that are sure to make our coding experience smoother and more efficient. So, strap in, and let’s take a ride into the world of PHP … Read More »