Diving into PHP 8.2: Exploring the New and Exciting Features


Hello, fellow PHP enthusiasts! Today, we’re exploring the new and improved features in PHP 8.2 that are sure to make our coding experience smoother and more efficient. So, strap in, and let’s take a ride into the world of PHP 8.2.

Check Out the New PHP 8.2 Features!

1. Readonly Classes

PHP 8.2 has introduced Readonly Classes, extending the `readonly` concept from properties to entire classes. This means that once a readonly class is instantiated, its properties can’t be changed. Let’s see this in action:

Exploring the New and Exciting Features

This will result in a fatal error as `$point` is an instance of a readonly class.

2. DNF Types

Disjunctive Normal Form (DNF) types is another exciting feature in PHP 8.2. It allows for more complex union and intersection types, providing increased type safety.

Before PHP 8.2, we might have a type hint like this:

Exploring the New and Exciting Features

Now, with DNF types, we can specify more complex type relationships:

Exploring the New and Exciting Features

3. Constants in Traits

Traits in PHP are a mechanism for code reuse. PHP 8.2 has brought a long-awaited feature: the ability to define constants in traits. It wasn’t possible before.

Exploring the New and Exciting Features

4. New Random Extension

PHP 8.2 introduces a new extension – `ext-random` – offering multiple ways to generate random numbers or strings, all in a cryptographically secure manner.

Exploring the New and Exciting Features

5. Allow Null, True, and False as Standalone Types

In the previous versions of PHP, `null`, `true`, and `false` could not be used as standalone types. PHP 8.2 changes this with:

Exploring the New and Exciting Features

6. Deprecate Dynamic Properties

To promote better coding practices and maintainability, PHP 8.2 has deprecated dynamic properties. This means creating properties on the fly without declaring them is now considered bad practice and will emit a deprecation warning.

Old way:

Exploring the New and Exciting Features

New way:

Exploring the New and Exciting Features

Which Features Are No Longer Available on PHP 8.2?

Starting with the release of PHP 8.2, there will be a significant shift in the support for MySQL libraries. MySQLi will no longer support the `libmysql` library, and any attempts to configure it will result in an error.

Historically, PHP has offered two libraries for interfacing with MySQL databases: `mysqlnd` and `libmysql`. Since PHP 5.4, `mysqlnd` has been the default choice, with MySQLi being compiled as an extension. This has been a seamless process for developers, and the shift in PHP 8.2 is not expected to cause any major disruptions.

However, it’s important to note that `libmysql` has offered unique features not available with `mysqlnd`, namely LDAP and SASL authentication and auto-reconnection capabilities. With the new update, these specific functionalities will no longer be accessible, potentially affecting applications that rely on them.


PHP 8.2 is another leap forward for the language, introducing innovative features like Readonly Classes, DNF Types, and more, making coding more enjoyable. It’s now our turn to embrace these enhancements, take them for a spin, and truly see how they can transform our PHP experience!

Enjoy the new era of PHP and happy coding!


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