How to Fix Forgot/Reset Password Blank Page in Magento?

How to Fix Forgot/Reset Password Blank Page in Magento?

If you’ve recently upgraded your Magento server with SUPEE-6788 or SUPEE-8788, you might have encountered an issue with your Magento store’s forgot password / reset password page where that entire page appears blank to users when they land on it.

We recently upgraded one of our servers with SUPEE-8788 and came across this problem when a number of our users reported that they were seeing a blank screen in place of the Forgot/Rest Password page, when they clicked the Forgot/Reset Password link in the password reset emails sent to them.

When we looked into it, we found out that this is a known issue associated with upgrading the Magento server with SUPEE-6788 or SUPEE-8788. The reason this error occurs is because the upgraded version changes the customer_account_resetpassword section to customer_account_changeforgotten in the themes related to customer layout, making the custom theme override the base theme file i.e. layout/customer.xml.

You can diff the base/default/layout/customer.xml file with your custom theme’s file to see what’s missing, but most likely it’s the code snippet shown in the screenshot below that needs to be added to your customer.xml file. You can put it right after the customer_account_forgotpassword section in the file. That is what we did and it fixed the blank screen error on the forgot/reset password page.


You need to update the app/design/frontend/your_theme_package/your_theme_name/layout/customer.xml file for your theme as shown in the diff below (where your_theme_package/your_theme_name is the name of your theme)

magento paypal


Alternatively, you can also delete the app/design/frontend/your_theme_package/your_theme_name/layout/customer.xml file from your theme in which case, the defaults from your base theme will be used.

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