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Achelois Pharma

When the Maxi Prep app wrapping up, I wanted to thank you and congratulate everyone for all the hard work you’ve put in to reach the milestone. The initial vision of this app was to streamline & digitize our experimental … Read More »

The NeuroPlan

Folio3 is the most professional group we have worked with. They work with you around your time and deliver the best quality work.

Face Reality

Folio3 was not the first company we approached in order to define the requirements for our project-however, they were the best one. They quickly demonstrated a real capacity for understanding the nuisance of our business and took the time to … Read More »

Airmedcare Network

We wanted to email you regarding your team’s effort on our most recent project REMSA/Care Flight and Burning Man. The work completed by Folio3 team for these projects is so appreciated by our team. They worked so well with our … Read More »