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Folio3 is a valued and extremely competent and professional technology partner. They provide excellent work, and very professional development, testing and management of the WoofTrax platform and its infrastructure. I would certainly recommend them to any company looking to scale … Read More »

Summit K12

We are a growing company with diverse and high stakes needs that often require a quick turn-around. The Folio3 team has been available to meet our needs at every step of the way, from our very inception to our continued … Read More »


Folio3’s team was very instrumental in planning and executing the infrastructure of our app and website. They thoroughly explained technical requirements and limitations as well as keeping me abreast of improvements that could be made to my project. I was … Read More »

InGenius Prep

Folio3’s team of experts successfully implemented a comprehensive suite of AWS services for InGenius Prep. From Cloud Hosting and SES (Simple Email Service) to Database Solutions, they were able to leverage the scalable and flexible infrastructure of AWS to host … Read More »