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NetSuite Site Builder based web store selling gifts and apparel for dog lovers. Key features of the site include NetSuite customizations to facilitate:
  • Saving & retrieval of customer & order data
  • Real-time sync & display of inventory
  • Order confirmation emails
  • Store locator
  • Item Search
  • Customized email templates & email newsletter sign-up
  • User reviews & user blog integration
  • Tailored registration process for visitors
  • A customizable rich Image slider & zooming tool
A NetSuite Site Builder based ecommerce site that displays Waterbar's products and allows customers to place orders, both in bulk (for business buyers) as well as in small quantities (for individual buyers). The site is fully integrated with NetSuite and displays the products available using real-time data from NetSuite. Read the Case Study

Enterprise Mobile App Developer

As an Enterprise Mobile Android Developer, Folio3 has built Enterprise solutions for leading Fortune 500 companies including SAP, Barnes & Noble and leading banks. Our enterprise customers come from a variety of industry verticals including financial services, healthcare and agriculture, amongst others.

Lifecycle Management

Our customers value Folio3’s unique approach as an enterprise mobile app developer since we offer complete product lifecycle management. We extend your organization by providing a dedicated team that can:

  • Propose product concepts and build prototypes
  • Quickly iterate designs based on user feedback
  • Develop on-premise and cloud solutions
  • Maintain systems and adding incremental functionality

Enterprise Android Developer and Cloud Apps

Cloud computing and mobile apps are the latest trend and Folio3 can provide Enterprise systems that leverage both. We develop enterprise mobile apps that integrate with both on-premise and cloud infrastructures such as Amazon EC2, Rackspace, Google App Engine & Android developer app.

NetSuite Expertise

As a premier enterprise application development company, Folio3 is also a NetSuite partner and has extensive experience integrating NetSuite into solutions at a surprisingly low cost. We’ve leveraged our NetSuite expertise to create NSDroid, a free mobile NetSuite CRM app for Android as well as numerous proprietary NetSuite solutions for our clients.


SAP Positioning Central

An automated workflow application called “Positioning Central” which allows SAP’s management team to:

  • Centralize and manage the dissemination of key marketing messages about products/solutions to field personnel
  • Audit collateral and presentations to ensure content consistency
  • Incorporate community based feedback

Developed using Drupal 6, Sphinx, LDAP, jQuery and MySQL 5.1

Read the Case Study


Automated web and mobile solutions for agri-business companies that include applications for Produce Traceability compliance, food Safety and agricultural data collection and management. These solutions include:

  • HarvestTrac
  • ItemTrac
  • LabelTrac
  • LaborTrac
  • AuditTrac
  • TrueTrac Console
  • CropTrac
  • MyTrac Content Management System (CMS)

Read the Case Study


An enterprise mobile NetSuite CRM app for Android that provides sales and service professionals with real-time, secure access to NetSuite CRM data, such as leads, prospects, customers, contacts, opportunities, case details, calendar events and pricing quotations – directly from their Android phones. Key features of the app include:

  • Secure, instant access to and editing of NetSuite CRM data
  • Calendar Integration – Add/Edit To Do items, Appointments, Phone Calls, Tasks, Events
  • Built-in business card scanner “CardGrab”
  • Inventory items support – Search for & view Inventory Lists & Items
  • Real-time and Offline data availability
  • Complex search features including data filters based on data category type
  • Support for Custom data fields
  • Click to Call, Click to Email and Click to Map functionality

Download "NSDroid" NetSuite CRM App for Android from Google Play Read more about our NetSuite solutions…