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LAMP Development (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP/Perl/Python)

The open source LAMP stack is one of the most popular platforms for building web applications. LAMP offers the web developer a rich set of tools that are freely available, easily configured, and very robust. They are in a constant state of development and improvement, adding features suggested by the user community at large.

One of the key advantages of LAMP stack is the complete availability of source code. It is relatively easy to switch vendors and developers, customize code, or fix critical bugs. It is also a low cost solution since there are no licensing costs for the underlying platform. In particular, the rich set of LAMP stack based frameworks and applications for building consumer web, community and web 2.0 applications makes it an ideal choice for building this type of software.

Folio3’s expertise:

  • Content Management Systems: Drupal and Joomla! based corporate and community portals, and consumer web applications. WordPress and Xoops based website development.
  • Web Application Frameworks: Frameworks such as CakePHP and Symfony (in PHP) and Pylons (in Python) simplify development by providing a lot of the commonly used ‘infrastructure’ code in order to, for example, manage security, users, database transactions and create rich (AJAX based) user interfaces.
  • osCommerce based e-commerce and shopping cart solutions.
  • Designing and implementing rich, intuitive AJAX based user interfaces.


  • Hallway: Drupal based community site for rating, reviewing & researching companies & educational institutions.
  • CakePHP based community history and social networking site based on the metaphor of timelines for Sitestack.
  • WVN: Joomla! based professional womens’ community and job exchange for Women’s Virtual Network.
  • Freelanthropy: Drupal based community and fundraising tools site for non-profits for Freelanthropy.
  • Drupal based corporate websites and custom web applications for Twinstrata, Multigig, Numetrics and others.
  • An online stock image gallery and e-commerce solution for StockPhotoPro.
  • SmartGallery – Folio3’s own online art gallery management system.

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