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Optimize business operations and processes at a whole new level

Over time enterprises, both medium-sized and large, tend to face increased complexity with legacy application that often results in fragile systems, making system interconnectivity a major challenge. Enterprise integration, therefore, becomes crucial to retain organizational agility for enabling better decision making and for boosting productivity. At Folio3, we ensure that integration is a simplified process that provides you the ease of unifying various applications, systems and databases across your enterprise. With our seamless integration solutions, your enterprise gains a robust system and software which enables efficient system interconnectivity, making you better equipped to handle numerous data resources, format and protocols while taking on the challenge of system orchestration. Our array of services ranges from design and development arrow-right-long


Allow your business to meet today’s market challenges Head-On

Our enterprise mobility management solutions ensure simplified deployment, enhanced security and effective management while offering expertise for an array of verticals, including:

Digital Marketing

We have been providing companies with the best digital exposure that they deserve with our engaging strategies and winning solutions with a range of services…


Folio3 has helped hundreds of global health care providers, hospitals, health insurers and life sciences organizations in accelerating innovation and improving patient care…

Cloud based

Ranging from full applications to development platforms, database, data storage and CRM, our cloud based services for SaaS will enable you to securely access data…

mobility solutions...

Get end-to-end solutions for scalable enterprise mobility management with special focus on improved customer engagement and innovative technology to empower your…

Internet of

Empower your business with an IOT application engineered by our expert team of IOT developers to provide your customers with an innovative wearable device…

What makes us

The best enterprise software &
integration solutions provider?

The coherent framework of enterprise software and integration solutions by Folio3 enables you to integrate a diverse range of data, both internally and externally, so you are able to share an integrated information infrastructure through mission-critical applications like CRM, complex dashboards and reporting systems. Businesses are now rapidly turning to enterprise software solutions to eliminate point-to-point integration issues with robust integration systems and applications, which is helping organizations in gaining business agility and providing high level insights to make well-informed decisions.

With Folio3’s enterprise software and integration solutions, you become capable of addressing the challenges associated with your organization’s various communication channels while protecting data separately through a secure system integration across your enterprise, as it allows you to:

Enable secure access to apps & productivity resources

Provide secure interconnectivity for processes & systems

Manage deployments from a single console

Improve productivity by enabling communications

Ensure complete data security & accurate data

Get real time updates to ensure business process accuracy

Coordinate business processes through automation

Quarantine non-compliant and rooted devices

Employ message routing & data transformation

Add end-to-end ecosystem protection and high availability

Expert Mobile Management

solutions by Folio3

Scalable Mass

We offer improved mobile communication technologies through our scalable mass communication solutions for a wide range of sectors so you can engage on a massive level without any hassle.

HL7 Integration &
FHIR Solution

Enabling secure electronic sharing of healthcare data through FHIR solutions and HL7 integration, Folio3 is taking security to a whole new level by structuring and standardizing data throughout the healthcare ecosystem.

Voice over
Internet Protocol

We are assisting full-fledged healthcare firms, retail providers, government offices and the education sector take communications to a new height with Voice over Internet Protocol, helping them cut costs and work more efficiently over long distances.

information system

Harness the data integration and spatial visualization power of the Geographic Information Systems to create analytical and descriptive enterprise solutions for your organization without any geographical boundaries.

Secure enterprise

mobility management solutions by Folio3

Folio3 offers simplified and secure enterprise mobility management solutions for your entire fleet, giving you the power to protect your enterprise information by providing endpoint support from a single management console while increasing productivity by keeping your whole organization connected and offering complete protection of your corporate data with enterprise security.

Our Work & Impact

The new era of the Internet is a digital world. We utilize the modern, revolutionary tools to create more than just products, we create an impact on people’s thoughts through storytelling and design molded by the power of innovation.

Our Work & Impact

The new era of the Internet is a digital world. We utilize the modern, revolutionary tools to create more than just products, we create an impact on people’s thoughts through storytelling and design molded by the power of innovation.

App Development

Barnes & Noble

App Dev / Web App

Template based automated workflow simplifies digital marketing.

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Microsoft Dynamics

Healthy Life

Dynamics 365 Magento Integration

Integration between Dynamics 365 and Magento based ecommerce store by Folio3 enables Healthy Life to entirely automate its business operations for streamlining the processes, noticeably increasing the overall efficiency of the organization.

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Oracle Netsuite

4D Motion Inc


4D motion is a healthcare and fitness business that needs ERP integration with Netsuite. Folio3 provided them with the integration they required along with the custom functionalities to cater to their needs.

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Shopify integration & customization

Greenlane was looking for real-time business support for their shopify stores. Folio3 catered to their requirement by providing web store customizations including – custom bundle feature, custom bogo feature, announcement bar etc. Folio3 analyzed and optimized the web store for better performance as well.

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Digital Health

Face Reality

Face Reality was founded by Laura Cooksey, who is a nationally recognized acne expert and offers acne treatment products and services.

They needed a web application for their clients through which they could identify their skin problems and recommend medications and a routine for the treatment. They also needed a portal to view the analytics of the results. Folio3 designed and developed two separate web responsive interfaces, one for pro users & second for Admin users to see analytics of pro users.

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Cactus Feeders

Web App – Complete revamp

Our solution helped them manage the number of animals coming in and out of the farm, their feeding, their weights, their owners, their movements down to when they are sent back to packing and shipping.

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What Client Speak

Barnes & Noble

“Whether it’s a new development, update or maintenance – Folio3 always shines through. Their turnaround time is always stellar, it’s a pleasure to work with them.”

Mike Do Software Engineer, Barnes & Noble


Twinstrata has partnered with Folio3 for several years since the very early days of our company. We have been able to offload a significant portion of our development effort to their team. They have been reliable and responsive to our needs.

Mark Aldred Director, Product Development

PureLife Dental

Folio3 successfully tackled and resolved all of the partner’s challenges. They provide the appropriate level of project management, and proactiveness is a hallmark of their work.

Omar Al-Midani Co-Founder & President


We are very excited to see the new PigWise app rolling out to production. When we had discussed the initial idea with Folio3 we had no idea that the final build would look this good. You guys rock!

Matthew Helpern Division Owner

Growers Express

Folio impressed me by learning a BI tool they did not have prior experience with and in a short amount of time produced analysis reports ready for business consumption. We are excited on the next set of critical reports Folio is working on for us and expect the relationship to continue for the foreseeable future.

William Cheung Vice President Information Technology

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