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SuiteMobile – NetSuite CRM for iOS

With Folio3’s Free Mobile NetSuite CRM app SuiteMobile for iOS, you are never far from your NetSuite data. Access and edit your NetSuite information in seconds, wherever you are, from your iPhone (or iPod Touch).

There is no complex installation or software integration required. Just download the NetSuite iPhone app to your iOS device, enter your Netsuite login credentials and start accessing your NetSuite data within minutes.

The App integrates seamlessly with the iPhone’s Calling, Email and Maps functionality. Call & email contacts with a single tap. Look up client addresses and get driving directions using the integrated maps. With intelligent offline caching, SuiteMobile provides secure, instant access to data anywhere, even in areas with limited or no connectivity.


  • Secure, Real-time and Offline access to NetSuite CRM data
  • Search for, View and Edit NetSuite information on Leads, Prospects, Customers and Contacts
  • Search for and Edit NetSuite CRM data on Pricing Quotations
  • Click to Call, Click to Email and Click to Map functionality
  • Advanced Search features including Search at Server functionality
  • Ability to Switch to different Accounts / Roles

Download the Free NetSuite CRM App for iOS “SuiteMobile” from the App Store.

Dowload "SuiteMobile" NetSuite CRM App for iPhone from the App Store