Efficient - Precise - Intelligent Document Search

Search desired information, get answers to your queires, and maintain all your documents with Advance AI search tool in a matter of seconds.

Redefining Information Search with Distinctive Intelligence

AI Powered Results

With the advanced NLP techniques, Searchio analyzes piles of documents and gives accurate information to your searches in a matter of seconds.

Context-Aware Search

Unlike other conventional tools, Searchio takes context deeply into account, comprehends complex nuanaces of your searches and ensures the extracted imformation perfectly fits your needs.

Diverse Document Support

Searchio adapts itself to various types of documents formats. Whether you’re searching through standard pdfs, books, or resaerch papers, it ensures a comprehensive search experience.

Secure and Confidential

Searchio is built to ensure security and confidentiality of your documents. It seamlessly works on your system, ensuring your data doesn’t leave your infrastucture at all cost.

API-first Architecture

Searchio works where you work, meaning it can be easily integrated with any system, or can be customized according to your needs, extending its functionality as per your preferences.

Real Time Updates

With Searchio’s smart algorithms, documents are synced in real time with your original repository, ensuring the provided information remain up-to-date and relevant.

How can Searchio Help You?

Save Time & Effort

With Searchio, you don’t have to dig through lengthy documents. Save your time and effort by accessing relevant excerpts or answers from your original documents in just a few clicks.

Get Accurate Results

Searchio delivers you highly accurate and relevant information tailored just to your needs.

Enhance Productivity

Either you’re a big organization or just an individual, Searchio enhances productivity by helping you focus on other important tasks than shuffling through documents.

Where to Use Searchio?

Legal & Compliance

With Searchio, your legal and compliance process is made as easy as breeze. No need to get your head into countless documents of policies and procedures, get quick answers to all your queries.


Got tons of documents to deal with? Upload them on your document repository and connect the repo with Searchio to extract information from customer data, manuals and policies in just a few clicks.


Reading through your patients’ medical files is a task in itself. Cut down extra effort and quickly get only specific information in a matter of seconds.

Customer Support

Make your customer support exceptional by letting your customers get answers to their queries instead of going through long wikis, guides and manuals.


With Searchio, researchers can search through research papers, journals, and books in a matter of seconds and fasten the process of gathering the most relevant information for their study.

Searchio Works Where Your Team Works

Upload as many documents as you want on your repo and seamlessly integrate it to Searchio with no limitations and from a diverse range of sources.

Supported Formats
  • 1- PDF Document
  • 2- Microsoft Word Document
Supported Integrations
  • 1- Local File Storages
  • 2- Google Drive
  • 3- Amazon S3 Buckets
  • 4- Azure Blog Storage

Choose the plan that fits your needs




  • Unlimited access to all your documents.
  • No user-account limitations.



  • Unlimited access to all your documents.
  • No user-account limitations.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How many documents can I upload to Searchio?

There is practically no limitation. Searchio integrates entire repositories irrespective of the documents contained within.

Can I integrate Searchio with a third-party tool?

Searchio is an API driven model and can be integrated with any system making it adaptable to your needs and preferneces.

Will I have to manually upload all my documents to Searchio?

No, You wont have to manually upload any document on

How can I deploy Searchio on my system?

To get Searchio deployed on your system, you can refer to our manuals or you can reach out to our team of experts and they can deploy Searchio on your system.

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