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PUSH Notification Solutions for Enterprises

Most trusted, high volume, cross platform push notification solutions

The rapidly changing landscape of technology has a huge impact on consumer preferences and behaviors, keeping marketers on their toes for keeping up with the constantly shifting interests. Businesses now require reliable digital marketing technologies that aid them in mastering these changing trends while consistently improving engagement with a massive audience. Mobile marketing automation is arguably a new medium that offers a lot of support and potential to digital marketers. Combined with web push notifications, it is offering actionable results and a larger outreach to businesses worldwide.

Push notifications are successfully driving improved engagements and increased ROI for businesses, helping marketers run successful digital marketing campaigns for targeted audience. At Folio3, we are assisting companies in fostering engagement with reliable real-time push notification solutions. Push notification solutions offered by Folio3 will empower you to receive push messages on not just iOS, Android and desktop platforms but they can also be tailored to provide support on additional platforms too. Now you can easily create personalized notifications, set them up for automatic delivery and sit back to monitor the conversion of your push notifications in real-time.

Real-Time Push Notifications for iPhone, Android & Web

Push notification solutions developed by Folio3 gives your business the convenience of receiving real-time notifications on your Android, iOS and desktop devices. Our brilliant team of experts can also integrate push notifications for your IOT and wearable devices as well, so you can receive unlimited push notifications on all kinds of devices from dozens of applications. We have worked with a number of clients, integrating our secure push notification platform with their network monitors, web apps and even shell scripts for customized specifications. Compatible with Android, iPhone and desktop users, our push notifications are secure and can be optimized for instant push message delivery on any Android and iOS version or desktop browser of your preference.

Secure Push Notifications

Push notification solutions by Folio3 provide you cross platform and cross device reach, offering enterprise-grade security and reliable delivery. Our push notification solutions offer premium support options and unbeatable features like:

  • Unlimited cross device support
  • Unlimited push notification support
  • Compatibility with Android, iOS and web
  • Real time analytics & data statistics
  • Reliable end-to-end message security
  • Delivery scheduling & automation
  • Import & export data support
  • Full API & A/B Testing
  • Unlimited segments & personalization
  • Localization and real-time geo-zone option
  • Tagging & deep linking functionalities
  • Multi-language & rich media support

Why we are the Best at What We Do?

At Folio3, we have partnered up with hundreds of enterprises, offering them reliable push notification solutions that have helped them boost user engagement with deeply contextual in-app messages and a larger outreach with web push. Our push notification solutions are designed to offer personalized engagement with your targeted mobile audience, giving you incredible scalability with maximum support on most devices and all major SDKs. By integrating push notification solutions across cross devices and platforms you will be able to provide convenience and value to your app users. Our push notification solutions are empowering businesses with unlimited capabilities, providing them with the ability to easily target segments of their user base and even personalizing messages for specific app users, without worrying about the development hassle.


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