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Folio3 NetSuite News

Folio3 can help you get the most from your NetSuite investment through development services and mobile apps.  Email [email protected]

or call +1 408-365-4638.


New NSDroid 3.2 mobile CRM app

NSDroid is a FREE mobile NetSuite CRM app for Android smartphones and tablets. The new v3.2 provides a simplified login where you just enter your NetSuite username and password. A free trial of the premium features helps you try before you upgrade. Google calendar sync is available now as a premium feature. Get NSDroid

NetSuite services

NetSuite Development Services

Folio3 has extensive experience in developing NetSuite enterprise and mobile solutions for many clients; from full-fledged applications to NetSuite integration and customizations. See our complete list of projects or download the services brochure from our NetSuite development services page


Mobile NetSuite app survey

Folio3 would like to better understand your needs for a mobile NetSuite app. If you used NSDroid or interested in mobile NetSuite apps please answer these 8 quick questions. Take the survey