Magento Tips & Tricks – Order review after PayPal payment submission

Magento Tips & Tricks – Order review after PayPal payment submission

When using PayPal Express as the payment method in your Magento store, if you want customers to be able to review their order before they actually complete the checkout process, here’s how you can do so. Since PayPal Express Checkout, Magento by default does not show the order review screen like it does for other payment methods.

So if you’re using this particular payment method in your store, and want to enable customers to review their order or shopping cart (a summary of the selected items and their estimated cost including shipping, taxes, etc.) prior to checkout, just follow the steps below in the Magento Admin panel:

Admin > System (Menu) > Configuration (Menu Option) > Payment Methods (Section) > Payments Pro (Includes Express Checkout)

On this screen under Basic Settings, in the PayPal Express Checkout option, set the ‘Skip Order Review Step’ to ‘Yes’, which is set to ‘No’ by default in Magento.


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