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Facilitate Your Sales Team & Optimize Business Processes with Folio3’s Field Sales App

A field sales automation solution with a rich feature set to facilitate better work processes, coordination and rapid decision-making has the potential to take your business to the next level.

Mobile App Surveys

Folio3’s Field Sales App allows for mobile app surveys to be conducted from the field, whereby reducing the need to rely on legacy survey processes and elimination of paperwork.

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Inbuilt Route Planner

Moreover, by using inbuilt route planner, sales reps and management can save time by optimizing routes. Sales reps can also benefit from getting turn by turn directions to stores within the Folio3 Field Survey Apps’ database.

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Store Management

The Folio3 Field Sales App also facilitate effective control over stores. Store address, score and other detailed notes can easily be recorded and analysed. You can also seamlessly integrate new stores to the App.

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The app provides a specific section for “Promotions & Advertisements” which allows users to manage different type of media including PDFs, images or videos and can share it according to the promotional needs with sales representatives.

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Integration & Deployment

Our powerful API allows for seamless integration with third party softwares, whereby useful data can be imported into the Folio3 Field Sales automation software from other channels. Improved process flow enabled by integration of different functions and efficient tracking.

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Reporting & Insights

With automated performance reports, management can track activities of field reps. Through the Folio3 Sales Rep App, management can view rich reports created based on the field surveys carried out by the field reps; while allowing them to create multiple customizable dashboards. Furthermore, enabling easy access to insights help sales reps deliver a higher quality service too.

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Why Folio3

Folio3 offers unparalleled App development services, with continuous support service provision. Our certified and trained team of professionals have years of experience empowering companies with Apps that meet their unique business needs. Here is what Folio3 brings to the table when it comes to your technology solutions:


Solutions offered by Folio3 are customized to meet your specific business requirements.


We can help add functionalities across multiple platforms to aid business growth.


One-stop-solution for all your App development needs.


We believe in maintaining sustainable relationships with our customers, whereby our aim is to provide budget-friendly quality services.

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