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Software Application Testing Services & Quality Assurance Services

Every development project at Folio3 is subjected to a rigorous software quality assurance process. However, for customers who prefer to focus their in house efforts more on code development, or need expanded testing coverage around key release milestones, we offer software application testing services and quality assurance services as well.

Software application testing services at Folio3 begin with requirements analysis: specifications are carefully scrutinized for consistency and testability. Many design and usability issues may be unearthed at this point. The next stage is writing a Test Plan followed by Test Case development. Test cases are then executed by Software Quality Assurance personnel per the process defined in the Test Plan. Results are carefully recorded in bug tracking and reporting systems. Much of this process may be automated, by using functionality testing tools, build and deployment scripts, regression scripts and unit testing frameworks. In addition to the functionality testing described above, Folio3 also offers software application testing services for:

  • Performance Testing: simulating large traffic volumes for the software application and measuring its performance via key metrics. This may be done using custom scripting, or by using load testing tools, such as LoadRunner, JMeter, App Perfect or Verisium.
  • Usability Testing: our user experience experts can conduct independent and focus group based walk-throughs of your application in order to identify usability weaknesses and opportunities.

Folio3’s Expertise:

Tools are an integral part of the Quality Assurance process. Folio3 has had considerable experience working with the following tools:


  • Comprehensive testing of static and dynamic variables used in the MySQL database, for MySQL. Typical test cases were SQL queries that exercised variables individually and in combination.
  • Regression testing, black box tesing and unit testing for Sidestep. Folio3’s ‘connectors’ constantly gathered pricing, availability and schedule information from hundreds of websites to supply into the main website serving millions of users per month. Vendor website availability, data format and vendor website changes needed to be constantly monitored in order to assure that quality information was being supplied to the main search engine.
  • Emulator testing and device based testing for HipLink, Moccasio, Proxpro, Clickmarks and other mobile customers. Mobile user interfaces and SMS messaging based functionality were tested on multiple platforms, including Blackberry, iPhone, Symbian and Windows based devices.
  • Folio3 has helped developed vTest and vPerformer, Verisium’s functionality and load testing tools, providing us with deep expertise in both these areas.
  • Usability testing for Hallway, a community site for rating and reviewing companies, personalities and organizations.
  • Load Testing for MediaMorph, a highly scalable platform for intelligently serving and tracking videos on partner websites.

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