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Portals and CMS

An Enterprise Portal is a framework for providing a single point of access to all the enterprise’s data and applications. Typically, portals come with a number of built in Portlets, that provide commonly required functionality. Popular Portlets include Calendar, Email, Forums, Blog, Mapping, and Document Management. Content Management Systems (CMS) are specialized in terms of offering powerful tools for easily publishing and updating web content. However, the more full featured and popular CMSes offer much the same functionality as Portals, including a number of bundled Portlets. Key capabilities provided by Portals and CMSes include:

  • Single Point of Entry — enterprise portals can provide single sign-on capabilities between their users and various other systems. This requires a user to authenticate only once.
  • Personalization — Users or Administrators can customize the look and feel of their environment, as well as what data and applications they have access to.
  • Integration — the connection of functions and data from multiple systems into new components / Portlets.
    Federation — the integration of content provided by other portals, typically through the use of Portlet standards such as WSRP and JSR-168.

Portals are usually a key component of implementing a Services Oriented Architecture (SOA).

Folio3’s Enterprise Portal Development & CMS Portal Development Expertise

Folio3 has extensive experience in Enterprise Portal development, Custom Portal development, Portlets development, CMS portal application development & CMS based website development. We have worked with a number of both proprietary and open source solutions. Our expertise with proprietary solutions includes working with the Sun, Plumtree, BEA, Oracle, SAP and Microsoft Sharepoint Portals. Our expertise with open source systems includes the following:

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