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NetSuite Magento Connector

Folio3’s proprietary NetSuite Magento Connector is an Integration-as-a-Service product that provides fully automated, end to end integration between Magento merchant accounts and NetSuite. Providing full automation, the Folio3 NetSuite Magento Connector helps you save valuable time and effort that is typically lost in manually keeping your Magento and NetSuite accounts in sync, allowing you to focus on enhancing sales and managing fulfillment and other key business functions.


  • Automatically imports all ‘checkout complete’ orders along with associated customer and other data, from the Magento webstore into NetSuite
  • Automatically synchronizes all item data (including quantity, price & item ID) between NetSuite and the Magento webstore
  • Automatically updates the status of fulfilled sales orders from NetSuite, in the Magento webstore
  • Automatically exports shipping information (shipping date, carrier details & tracking number) of fulfilled sales orders from NetSuite to the Magento webstore
  • Maintains a complete log of all tasks performed, in NetSuite
  • Runs within NetSuite itself – via a UI implemented directly within NetSuite

Benefits of the Folio3 NetSuite Magento Connector

  • Boosts sales with faster, more efficient service
  • Saves time and manual date entry effort (as well as potential data entry errors) with the automated creation of sales orders, payment invoices and customer records in your NetSuite account
  • Streamlines the fulfillment process, enabling faster order delivery and enhanced customer satisfaction

NetSuite Magento Connector screens
If you utilize the Magento web-store for your online sales and have NetSuite as your backend ERP, then the Folio3 NetSuite Magento Connector is THE solution for you. It offers the most cost effective and proficient method for managing your online sales while keeping your back office in sync.

If you would like to know more about our NetSuite Magento Connector or have a NetSuite Magento integration project that you’d like to discuss, please email us at [email protected] or fill out the Contact form.

For information on the NetSuite Magento Connector’s cost and customization options, please look at the NetSuite Magento Connector’s detail page. To learn more about our other NetSuite solutions, please visit our NetSuite Development Services section.