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eBay Motors

eBay Motors (a part of eBay Inc.) is the internet’s largest marketplace for buying and selling all things automotive and is consistently ranked as the No. 1 automotive site on the web by Nielsen/NetRatings. Offering everyday cars for everyday drivers, as well as collector cars, motorcycles, auto parts and accessories, the site connects sellers to more than 3 million automotive buyers every month. NetSuite eBay Motors Integration Built For NetSuite Certified


Folio3’s NetSuite-eBay Motors Integration Solution

As a NetSuite SDN partner, Folio3 specializes in NetSuite development and NetSuite integration solutions. Our proprietary Folio3 NetSuite-eBay Motors Connector is designed and developed specifically for eBay Motors and provides seamless integration between eBay Motors web-stores and NetSuite. Certified as “Built for NetSuite”, the Folio3 NetSuite e-Bay Motors Connector offers fully automated NetSuite e-Bay Motors integration, automatically syncing all sales order, customer and shipping data between eBay Motors merchant accounts and NetSuite, saving valuable time & effort and empowering merchants to concentrate on their core business activities.

What It Offers

  • Automated import of ‘Checkout Complete’, ‘Awaiting Shipment’ or any other order status as sales orders in NetSuite
  • Automatic creation & update of customer records from e-Bay Motors web-store listings in NetSuite
  • Automatic export of delivery and shipping information from NetSuite to the e-Bay Motors web-store
  • Simplified management – the Connector runs entirely within NetSuite itself, enabling you to manage the integration from NetSuite’s own UI

Benefits of NetSuite-eBay Motors Integration

  • Saves time, effort and cost that would be lost in manually keeping your e-Bay Motors web-store and NetSuite accounts in sync
  • Streamlines fulfillment – with rapid, automated update of new sales orders from your eBay Motors web-store in NetSuite and posting of shipped orders’ details to your customers on e-Bay Motors

NetSuite eBay Motors Integration
If you have a sizeable eBay Motors web-store and use NetSuite as your ERP, then the Folio3 NetSuite-eBay Motors Connector is the ideal solution for your business. It offers the most efficient and cost effective way to manage your online automotive sales while keeping your back office in sync.

For more information regarding our NetSuite-eBay Motors integration solution, please contact us. To learn more about our other NetSuite development services, please visit our NetSuite Development Services section.