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NetSuite-eBay Connector

Certified as “Built for NetSuite” Folio3’s proprietary NetSuite-eBay Connector provides seamless integration between eBay merchant accounts and the NetSuite ERP. The result is an integrated solution that combines the proven back-office features of NetSuite with the powerful eCommerce features available on the eBay platform. Being fully automated, the NetSuite-eBay integration enables online merchants to focus on enhancing their sales and managing their fulfillment processes, saving them valuable time & effort that is typically lost in manually keeping their eBay and NetSuite accounts in sync.

The NetSuite-eBay Connector runs entirely within your NetSuite account and allows you to manage the NetSuite-eBay integration from a UI implemented directly within NetSuite.


The Folio3 NetSuite-eBay Connector enables you to:

  • Import ‘checkout complete’ orders with their associated customer data, from your eBay webstore listings into your NetSuite account
  • Export shipping information from your NetSuite account to your eBay webstore, including carrier, tracking number and shipping date


  • Save time and data entry errors with the automated creation of sales orders, payment invoices & customer records in your NetSuite account
  • Maximize your investment in the eBay webstore
  • Streamline your fulfillment process

The following is a sample from our NetSuite-eBay integration portfolio, using the NetSuite-eBay Connector.

NetSuite-eBay Integration

Integrated Osage County Guns’ eBay merchant account with NetSuite, using Folio3’s proprietary NetSuite-eBay Connector. The NetSuite-eBay Connector automatically create sales orders, payment invoices and customer records for all “checkout complete” eBay sales in NetSuite and posts shipping & tracking info (shipping date, carrier details & tracking number) for all fulfilled orders to Osage’s eBay merchant account. The solution has completely automated Osage’s order fulfillment process & enhanced the efficiency and effectiveness of its operations. Ready the case study

For more information on the NetSuite-eBay Connector (including cost and customization options) please look at the NetSuite-eBay Connector’s detail page. We also offer a specialized Connector for NetSuite-eBay Motors integration.  To learn more about our other NetSuite solutions, please visit our NetSuite Development Services section.