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Microsoft Dynamics AX Development Services

Microsoft Dynamics AX Development Services

Folio3 offers a broad range of Microsoft Dynamics AX development services to help our clients maximize the value of their investments in the Dynamics AX ERP. As a Microsoft Silver Partner, we have a highly experienced team of Dynamics AX developers and offer cost-effective Microsoft Dynamics AX development services including Dynamics AX implementation services, Dynamics AX customization, Dynamics AX integration services, Microsoft Dynamics AX data migration, Dynamics AX application support, Dynamics AX application maintenance, Dynamics AX mobile apps and Dynamics AX custom development.

Dynamics AX Customization & Dynamics AX Custom Development

As part of our Microsoft Dynamics AX development services, we provide Dynamics AX application creation from scratch, as well as additional functionality development for existing applications (Dynamics AX customization). We offer various development, upgrade and support services as part of our Dynamics AX customization including business logic change, additional modules, Enterprise Portal, AIF, SSRS reports, Cube, workflows, etc. We also provide Dynamics AX custom (application) development, to help you meet specific customer and/or business requirements. Our Dynamics AX custom development services are designed to fill the gaps in existing AX functionality by providing a custom set of features & functionalities for Microsoft Dynamics AX applications. With our Dynamics AX custom development services, you can quickly close out deals with customers who have very complex business processes that require extensive customization.

Dynamics AX Implementation Services

As part of our Dynamics AX implementation services, we follow the Microsoft Dynamics Sure Step methodology and break down all Dynamics AX implementation projects into five phases: analysis, design, development, deployment and operations. Sure Step provides a streamlined and consistent implementation approach, which facilitates rapid deployment and can be tailored for each client’s specific provisions. It also enables us to set critical milestones in our Dynamics AX implementation services for all Dynamics AX implementation projects. Our customers like this approach because they can decide how large of a role to play in the implementation process. Using this approach our Dynamics AX developers are able to deliver all Dynamics AX implementations according to customer requirements, on-time and on-budget.

Dynamics AX Integration Services

Folio3 also provides Microsoft Dynamics AX integration services for integrating Microsoft Dynamics AX with other business systems (including Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Microsoft SharePoint) to create reliable enterprise-wide connectivity. We also provide seamless Dynamics AX integration with back-office systems and other Microsoft software, including Access, Excel, and SQL Server as well as other applications and systems such as eCommerce, Retail POS solutions, web-stores and mobile apps, etc.

Microsoft Dynamics AX Data Migration

Organizations that have a third party accounting or ERP system and want to integrate with or completely move over to Microsoft Dynamics AX can take advantage of our Microsoft Dynamics AX data migration service to move business data across the systems either synchronously or asynchronously. To lower the cost and make migrations easier and quicker when upgrading to Microsoft Dynamics AX, we utilize the Sure Step migration process together with the new Data Management Framework for Microsoft Dynamics AX data migration. Using this approach, our Dynamics AX developers can not only move the master records but transactional data while keeping the data integrity in place.

Dynamics AX Application Support & Dynamics AX Application Maintenance

As part of our Microsoft Dynamics AX development services, Folio3 also provides Microsoft Dynamics AX application support and Dynamics AX application maintenance. We help our customers stabilize their current application and work towards application simplification and optimization by providing permanent fixes to recurring issues. With our offshore delivery model and a team of highly experienced and skilled Dynamics AX developers, we provide our clients with best value and high quality Dynamics AX application support & Dynamics AX application maintenance services.

Why Use Folio3’s Hybrid Development model?

Folio3 also offers a hybrid Dynamics AX development model in our Microsoft Dynamics AX development services, via which our customers can enjoy all the benefits of offshore development with local project management, such as lower costs, scalability and highly qualified and experienced Dynamics AX developers.


The following is an example from our Microsoft Dynamics AX development services portfolio.

Integration of HarvestTrac with Dynamics AX for Growers Express

HarvestTrac is a mobile app that replaces paper-based field tickets with printed harvest tags. It is part of suite of Agri-business automation and Food Safety solutions developed by Folio3 called TrueTrac. Folio3 integrated HarvestTrac with the company’s Dynamics AX ERP. The integration provides:

  • Automated creation of Purchase Orders in Dynamics AX
  • Automatic updation of commodity ‘receiving’ (receiving of a commodity at the Distribution Center) in Dynamics AX
  • Automated updating of commodity ‘receiving’ in the HarvestTrac app


Dynamics AX CRM App

In addition to our Microsoft Dynamics AX development services, we also offer proprietary Dynamics AX mobile apps such as the free Dynamics AX CRM app “DynAX7” for Windows Phone smartphones. This free Dynamics AX CRM app provide sales and service professionals with real-time, secure access to Microsoft Dynamics AX CRM data (customers, contacts, leads, prospects, opportunities and activities) on their Windows Phone smartphones.

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