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Today’s business environment mandates rapid decision making, requiring companies to harvest ever-increasing volumes of data to gain actionable information. But with the sheer size and variety of data available, companies are often overwhelmed and cannot extract the real-time, data-driven insights necessary to help them make decisions quickly.

As a business intelligence services company and big data solutions provider, Folio3’s Business Intelligence (BI) services & big data solutions can help turn this data into actionable insights; enabling improved decision-making, financial management, customer service & performance.

Our suite of data warehousing, data mining, information analytics and reporting services can help gather and organize data from across the enterprise into a central data warehouse, enabling decision makers to leverage that data to make time critical, strategic decisions. Our business intelligence services include:

  • Performance Management Solutions
  • Query & Analysis Services
  • ETL Services (Extraction, Transformation, Loading)
  • Enterprise Metrics Management
  • Event Monitoring
  • Regular & Ad Hoc Reporting
  • Custom, Large & ERP Data Warehousing Services

As a business intelligence services company and big data solutions provider, we have extensive expertise on a wide variety of technologies & tools such as SAP Business Objects, IBM Cognos, Informatica, Oracle Business Intelligence, Pentaho, MS SQL Server Analysis Service (SSAS), Server Reporting Service (SSRS), Server Integration Service (SSIS), Mondrian and Jaspersoft (amongst others). Our business intelligence services team can help you build and maintain business intelligence/big data solutions on the platform of your choice.


As a leading business intelligence services company and big data solutions provider, we have worked on a number of business intelligence projects. The following are some samples from our business intelligence services & big data solutions portfolio.

DiagnosisOne smartWatch

smartWatch is part of DiagnosisOne’s “smartPath” clinical decision support system and provides real-time analytics which can be accessed at the point of care, pre-encounter, or post-encounter, enabling faster, more accurate decision making by doctors and care providers.

Developed using SQL Server 2008, SQL Server Analysis Service (SSAS) 2008, SQL Server Reporting service (SSRS) 2008, SQL Server Integration Service (SSIS) 2008 & Asp .Net

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A customized and ad-hoc reporting module that provides marketing, finance, digital & senior management teams with timely, accurate & actionable information, for monitoring business performance. It does so by consolidating data from hundreds of distribution partners and providing customized reports that give stakeholders exactly the information they need; facilitating faster, more informed decision making.

Developed using Jasper Reports, Postgres, Mondrian& Java. Learn More

For more information regarding our big data solutions and business intelligence services, please contact us.