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Folio3 Services

EAI – Enterprise Application Integration

EAI is the unrestricted sharing of data and business processes among any connected application or data sources in an enterprise. Typical legacy software applications – such as those for inventory control, human resources or customer management – are designed to run independently, with no interaction between the systems. As enterprises grow, they recognize the need for their information and processes to be available across systems in order to streamline processes and keep all the elements of the enterprise interconnected.

EAI requires both system specific information and knowledge of a broad range of tools and techniques. It is performed at three different levels:

  • Data layer: this requires knowledge of the underlying schemas, database architectures and the tools to pick the right datasets for the integration.
  • Business logic layer: this requires knowledge of specialized APIs or interfaces, such as web services or XML based interfaces.
  • Presentation layer: this requires a deep understanding of how the user interface of an application operates and can be robustly utilized to reuse functionality as part of a larger system.

Folio3’s Expertise:

Folio3’s expertise in this area ranges over a wide variety of platforms and technologies, including:

  • Experience using various tools and techniques to access data in various databases based both current RDBMS architectures as well as legacy database architectures.
  • Data collection and processing using high performance Java engines.
  • Experience working with Netsuite, SAP, Peoplesoft and other popular application APIs.
  • Extensive experience working with Web Services, XML, Message Buses and other integration architectures.
  • Extensive experience with Presentation layer integration for Web and Windows based User Interfaces.


  • Presentation level Information aggregation and integration of airline, hotel and rental car data for Sidestep. Web services based integration of similar data with appropriate vendors as well. Click here to see how we helped Sidestep.
  • Presentation, Business Logic and Data level integration for Clickmarks.
  • Presentation level and web services based data aggregation for PickPackGo, for vacation rental information.
  • Field Force mobilization for Unisys, by integrating with their green screen based IBM system, through Clickmarks.

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