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The Customer

TRUETRAC ( was born of the needs of farmers and shippers looking to control operational costs by replacing manual paper-based processes with automated solutions. The company provides a suite of turnkey, web and mobile solutions for agri-businesses that include produce traceability compliance, food safety and agricultural data collection and management.


TRUETRAC is led by individuals with extensive experience in software and technology and first-hand knowledge of the agricultural sector. They wanted to build a product by farmers, for farmers. The company was looking for a software solutions partner that shared their enthusiasm and commitment and would be able to deliver cutting edge solutions for their industry.

TRUETRAC partnered with Folio3 to deliver on their vision. Folio3’s team collaborated with the TrueTrac design team to develop the following produce traceability solution suite for TRUETRAC based on their requirements:


A mobile app that replaces paper-based methods for collecting harvest information with real-time, harvest data. The app uses a mobile bar code scanner to track the quantity of each item in real time, as pallets are built and trucks are loaded. This data is sent electronically to the TRUETRAC Web Console, where it is available to warehouse managers, sales departments and harvest managers, for verifying inbound loads upon arrival.


A mobile app that uses a 2D barcode (QR code) to trace fresh produce and connect suppliers directly with their consumers. The app can trace where and when an item originated and display its harvest date, harvest crew, point of origin and storage location. Suppliers can also use ItemTrac to deliver custom marketing and item information (such as food safety, nutrition value, related products, etc.) directly to consumers..


A solution for printing PTI (Produce Traceability Initiative) compliant labels in the field through mobile devices and wireless printers. The mobile devices synchronize with the supplier’s TRUETRAC Console to transfer the label data needed for printing container labels. The LabelTrac system can also connect to any shipper on the harvester’s TRUETRAC system, enabling harvesting companies to print labels for multiple shippers directly from the field.

TrueTrac Console

A web dashboard that allows central management of all TrueTrac software modules. Key features of the TrueTrac console include:

Secure data storage


Security infrastructure

Management tools for all TrueTrac products


CropTrac allows growers to electronically receive harvest demands from multiple shippers and use the information to create a seasonal planting schedule. The system can also recommend availability of land and proper management of resources.


LaborTrac is mobile app that captures payroll information generated in the field, in real-time.


Allows suppliers and companies to collect and centralize food safety data from all areas of their operation. The system uses customized surveys on mobile devices, to capture data in real time. This data is synced with the supplier’s TRUETRAC Console, providing real-time data delivery.

MyTrac Content Management System (CMS)

Presents data collected in the TRUETRAC Console and integrates it into a corporate website. This solution is currently being used as a part of the USDA’s “Know Your Farmer, Know Your Food” initiative.p>

Impressed with the level of expertise exhibited by the Folio3 in the implementation of the above applications, TRUETRAC has engaged Folio3 to help it develop prototypes of new product ideas and translate their requirements into a complete product suite for PTI compliance.


The technologies used in the TRUETRAC produce traceability solution suite’s development include .NET (C#), .Net Compact Framework, Windows Mobile 5 & 6, jQuery, MS SQL Server 2008 and MS SQL Server CE 3.5. Basecamp was used as the project collaboration tool.

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All of the above apps in the TrueTrac produce traceability solution suite were developed using the Iterative and Incremental Software Development methodology.


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