Reader Bee

A multi-award winning,
interactive, learning
app suite for kids.

The Customer

The Learning Circle Kids, LLC works on streamlining technological platforms to maximize education input for children, making learning more child-friendly and fun. Readers Bee was developed with the concept of removing the unnecessary complexity out of learning and simplifying teaching methods by making them more engaging and effective.


The client wanted high-level interactive apps developed for children with special focus on the discipline of the Honeycomb Reading method. The concept behind the apps was to take ambiguity out of learning by making the process more engaging and fun for children. The client wanted children to enjoy learning through the Reader Bee apps and easily make a smooth transition towards fluent reading.

Learning Circle Kids, LLC had an innovative idea regarding their Reader Bee project which was to include a number of applications for children. The client approached Folio3 with their requirements and partnered up with them for providing expert app development services for their unique educational project. Thanks to Folio3’s organized workflow and dedicated development team, new enhancements and features were constantly added to the project while the iterative development process for building a kid-friendly app took hours of discussions and input from the development team.

The Reader Bee interactive learning app series are for kids aged 5 or under. The QWERTY keyboard was purposefully changed and turned into a paper-based keyboard called the Daisy Keyboard for this project which would assist kids in learning alphabets, spellings and word sounds.

The team focused on prioritizing new ideas and creating rapid prototypes for the app to develop a total of 6 interactive and multi-award winning apps for Reader Bee, based on the client’s unique requirements:

Reader Bee & the Story Tree

The app focuses on the way alphabets and alphabet sounds were taught to children. It offers interactive spelling activities and games to help children learn sounds and shapes of different words. The app includes a variety of 30 fun and learning activities, 6 books for a follow along reading activity and 6 spelling games with word making for kids.

Reader Bee’s First Story Maker

The app allows children to see and write simple words with the help of Reader Bee’s Honeycomb keyboard while dozens of visually appealing pictures assist them in enhancing their imagination and creating stories.

Reader Bee’s Runaway

Designed for kindergarten and first grade children, this interactive app guides kids in forming capital letters and reading sentences by swapping pictures with words. It gives them amusing variations with 5 sets of letters, each using Reader Bee’s daisy sets of 7-8 letters.

Reader Bee Sophie Stories

Sophie Stories app creates awareness of phonemics so children are able to learn specific sounding words through a delightful context of sound play.

Reader Bee Presents Letter Pairing

This Match Big and Little Letters Game allows children to match capital and lowercase letters. Children learn to match through clues, building accuracy and fluency with daisy sets of letters.

Reader Bee Presents Big Letters

Another kindergarten and first grade app, it guides the children in forming capital letters and learning their use in forming sentences. The activities enhance the children’s sentence and sound formation skills with the help of pictures and illustrations.

Folio3’s dedicated team of developers worked on the project tirelessly which took around 2 years to complete. Their dedication paid off when the Reader Bee apps went on to win 9 major award including the Parent’s Choice Gold Award, 2015 Dr. Toy’s 10 Best Classic Toys, 2015 Family Choice Awards, 2015 National Parenting Publications Silver Winner and Children’s Technology Review Editor’s Choice Award 2014.


The Reader Bee apps were created on the iOS framework, requiring iOS 5.0 or later version and is compatible with iPad technology while Folio3 used its one-of-a-kind innovative Check Dev technology to provide solutions for creating 3 letter words etc.


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