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The Customer

Petzam is a US based medical application provider. The company’s application Petzam was created to help pet owners connect with veterinary professionals to get assistance for their pets. The mobile application is free to download and set up, allowing easy scheduling of video call consultation through live video streaming to discuss the pet’s health or behavioral issues with the vet.


The client wanted a fully compliant mobile application that would make getting medical help from pet professionals or vets quick and easy through live video calling in real-time. Petzam required their mobile application to be VCPR compliant to ensure safety for vets, pets and trainers. The company wanted their app to have a video calling feature like Skype for pets and pet owners that will allow them to seek medical assistance from pet professionals through mobile video calling in real-time. The company wanted their mobile app to increase the ease of seeking medical help for their pets convenient through reliable technology and attractive design.

Folio3 created a customized VCPR compliant application for Petzam which can basically be used for medical consultation, as a follow-up to the first vet visit, only after the vet has seen or physically examined the pet in person within the last one year. After evaluating the problem and the discussion regarding the initial requirements of the client, Folio3 decided on adopting an agile development approach for the project to deliver a high quality solution through its extensive expertise in developing web based applications.

Using a dedicated team (which comprised of an expert QA, 3 developers, 1 Project Manager, 1 dedicated graphic designer and a product manager) Folio3 developed a customized User Interface for the mobile application that blended perfectly with the requirements of the client which was to create a video calling application that allows pet owners to conduct video calls with their vets for their pet’s treatment.

The Petzam app offers convenience to people with mobility issues and those who are too busy to manually take their pets to the vet for an urgent medical consultation. Petzam mobile application requires for the client (pet or pet owner) and pet professional to be using the app in order to make a video call and offers the option to pay the vet through their credit card on pre-agreed rates via the application.

The Petzam app took over 3 months to develop along with complete support and Folio3 has been proudly providing maintenance and bug fixes for this client for 2.5 years now.


The Petzam mobile app was developed using Ruby on Rails and Objective-C for building both the frontend and backend framework while WebRTC was used for developing the video calling feature.


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