complete enterprise
mobility solution on
Android, Ios, Blackberry
& Windows.

The Customer

HipLink Software (formerly Semotus Solutions) is a profitable, woman-owned business that was founded in 1993 and has its corporate headquarters in the heart of Silicon Valley, California. Over the last 15 years, HipLink Software has introduced numerous technological innovations and has been the premier provider of software for wireless text and voice communication to global organizations of all sizes. Since its first project implementation in 1995 with Nextel, HipLink Software has successfully deployed across multiple verticals, benefiting millions and meeting their needs for IT alerting, alarm management, emergency response, mass notification and business continuity. Their customers include names like Wells Fargo, Unisys, Kaiser Permanente, Honeywell, Hewlett Packard, St. John Medical Center, O’Hare International Airport, General Motors Corporation, Toronto Police Department and many more.


A few years back HipLink was in need of an Enterprise Mobile solution that would allow their software to be used with mobile ready clients in the BYOD model. At that time iOS v4 released a new feature that allowed an app to respond to the communication while running in the background. This feature became the cornerstone of the HipLink mobile app design, thus initiating their journey on the mobile front.

HipLink wanted a customized Enterprise Mobility solutions designed which would not only work impeccably with all the major platforms and frameworks but also fulfill the critical security and scalability needs for their enterprise. They required a solution that enabled their users to get securely connected with HipLink from the mobile devices of their choice to receive instant alerts on their devices in real-time. Apart from the enterprise mobility solutions, the client also required complete mobile app development solutions in the long run. HipLink Software chose Folio3 as its development partner due to their experience in providing enterprise mobility solutions.

After evaluating the client’s requirements, Folio3 assigned a dedicated development team to the project. Following the basic requirements provided by HipLink, the expert team went on to envision, design, develop and then successfully deploy the entire mobility solution for the client. Starting with the Android client, the team worked tirelessly and went on the develop an iOS client for HipLink as well, soon followed by Blackberry’s BB10 client and recently also deploying the Windows Desktop client for them.

The team was able to build an Enterprise Mobility solution as an integral module within the HipLink system, using the BYOD model to enable users to connect with HipLink from any kind of mobile device through a secure HIPAA compliant system that provides their data complete security and reliability in real-time. The enterprise mobility solution provided by Folio3 allows HipLink to have a single backend for various heterogeneous mobile platforms with identical functional scope while the security solution ensures data confidentiality and integrity over the air, as well as on the rest in mobile storage. The security solution provided by Folio3 also allows complete control of the mobile data remotely.

By having an integrated solution with their existing product that extends HipLink’s functional reach to the mobile platforms while giving them a competitive advantage in marketing and sales, Folio3’s enterprise mobility solution enabled HipLink to make a grand entrance into the Healthcare mass communication market. The solution prepared HipLink’s product for the ultimate mobile revolution, allowing ease of usage for core functionalities while its support for advanced workflows enabled efficient enterprise communications, making it a successful replacement for the legacy paging and text systems. This solution eventually becoming one of the de facto reasons for the AT&T and HipLink technology partnership for their Healthcare customers.

Folio3’s team of expert developers not only designed and implemented a feature-rich Enterprise Mobility solution for HipLink but have since been providing complete mobile app development solutions to the enterprise as well. Even though the solution for HipLink was originally developed and released 6 years ago, it has been receiving consistent support from Folio3 for the past 11 years. In 2016, the solution was refactored with new design approaches which is yet to be released to the customers.


The enterprise mobility solution for HipLink was originally based on XMPP protocol and later redesigned to replace XMPP with remote robust APIs and a separate native push channel. The backend is developed in C++ with STL and other companion libraries while the mobile clients were developed in native languages using the platform’s SDK. The Android client for HipLink was developed using Java, whereas iOS client was developed using Objective C. Also, the BB10 client was developed in native C++ with QT based UI and the desktop client is developed using Node stack and React.js.


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