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The Customer

The client is a US based, global consumer products company focused on the production, distribution and provision of household, health care and personal products, such as soaps, detergents, and oral hygiene products (including toothpaste and toothbrushes). Under another brand, it is also a top manufacturer of veterinary products. The company has operations and employees around the globe with revenues in excess of US$15 billon.


The client’s Asia Pacific operations cover Australia, New Zealand and numerous other islands in the region. As part of their efforts to enhance sales in the region, their field sales team visits every store and shop that carries their products and conducts audits and surveys of the inventory carried by the store; noting things like shelf space provided, product placement as compared to competitor products, variety of SKUs carried, products most sold, new stores in the area, etc. These audits were all paper based and the findings from each visit were physically submitted at the head office by field sales personnel the next day.

Being paper based the entire process was extremely cumbersome and time consuming. Another major problem was timely reporting, since sales managers could not review the findings of the in-store surveys until all the results were collated. This lack of insight severely hindered the regional sales team’s ability to take timely decision in response to market changes. Furthermore, since each sales rep worked on their own, there was no way for sales managers to track the reps’ activities or productivity in the field.

The client wanted to develop a mobile solution that would digitize this entire workflow, simplify and streamline data capture from the field, and help optimize the effectiveness of their sales teams. Having heard great things about Folio3, the client chose to partner with Folio3, to help them develop such a solution.

After evaluating the requirements, Folio3’s engineers designed and developed an Android app for the client’s Asia Pacific field sales team that allows sales personnel to conduct and submit sales surveys and audits directly from their Android smartphones. In addition to the app, Folio3 also designed and developed a web based dashboard that enables sales managers to view the results of the surveys/audits conducted, manage the app’s users’, the surveys and audits available in the app, and various other features. Key features of the sales survey app include:

The ability to view all regional stores associated with the client

Get turn by turn directions to any store in the app’s database

The ability to add new stores to the app

Key Features

Key features offered by the web based dashboard include:

The ability to manage stores (available in the app)

Ability to manage sales teams, route assignments and in-store activities

The ability to view rich reports based on the surveys/audits conducted by the field sales teams

The ability to take notes & picture during store visits

The ability to complete surveys and pre-configured compliance audits on the spot while visiting stores

The ability to take notes & picture during store visits

The ability to view the latest promotions on the client’s products including videos, PDFs & images

Both the app and admin dashboard were designed, developed and deployed within the short span of 8 weeks.

Thanks to the solution developed by Folio3, the client’s field sales reps can not only conduct their in-store activities and surveys in a much more streamlined manner, but can also submit the results of in-store audits instantly to their sales managers, who can review the data in real-time and take corrective action. The ability to keep track of sales reps’ whereabouts at all times (via the check-in, check-in features) and view the latest promotions and offers on products (by sales reps) has also greatly enhanced the productivity and effectiveness of sales teams.

The client was so happy with the results achieved by Folio3’s mobile solution that is now deploying the same solution in its other territories in the region.


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