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The Customer

A one on one customer support app for the iPhone that connects consumers to businesses and enables consumers to provide their feedback and report issues/complaints directly to businesses via unstructured, instant messages and get follow-ups in the same manner. The app is integrated with helpdesk systems like SFDA and Zendesk.


The company was founded with the vision of providing conversational, intelligent customer service. The company’s founders had noticed the demand for emerging customer service channels by frustrated consumers who found existing voice based, self-service web based and mobile app based customer service solutions to be non-intuitive nature and complex. The existing channels were time consuming and costly (not to mentioned outdated, in the case of phone based customer service) as well as difficult to navigate and utilize (in the case of self-service portals) because they lacked context about the customers’ problems.

Encouraged by this growing demand for more intuitive customer service solutions, the client had an idea for a mobile based, intelligent customer service app that would not only be able to capture customer feedback and complaints (along with context) in the form of instant messaging (IM) chat conversations using natural language, but would also be able to provide follow-ups and solutions via IM chat messages in the same manner. The company partnered with Folio3 to help bring their solution to life.

Working in close collaboration with the client’s management, Folio3 designed and developed three separate applications for the client’s platform, a native iOS based mobile app, a responsive web app (for mobile browsers) and a web based admin console. The iOS and responsive web apps allow customers to send complaints or feedback to the company in form of secure, one on one, IM chat messages. The company’s chat responses are automated messages, which pose a series of questions to the customer in order to capture the complete context of their complaint. The customer’s responses to these questions are captured in a form at the backend, which is then added to the company’s CRM as a complaint ticket. Updates to this ticket in the CRM are then conveyed to the customer via automated IM chat. Key features of the iOS and web apps include:

Ability to attach pictures and maps to chat messages

Integration with CRM systems like Zendesk and Salesforce

Local storage of all IM chats in encrypted format, either on device or browser history

Fully customizable

Company chat responses created using natural language processing (NLP), based on pre-set questions provided in the questionnaire pushed from the Admin console

The admin console is available to clients, and allows them to create and upload a template of questions (posed as IM chat messages) for various issues/topics, in order to capture the customer’s complaint/feedback, which are then pushed to the iOS and web apps for consumption. Other features of the admin console include:

Ability to add a CRM system or web service that will be linked to the mobile and web apps for ticket capture

Ability to configure encryption type and methodology

Ability to categorize complaint topics and template questionnaires by problem type

Ability to configure encryption type and methodology

Thanks to Folio3’s efforts, the client was able to design and develop its revolutionary customer service & support platform within a short span of 8 months. The platform was extremely well received by the client’s investors and target audience. The platform is currently in pilot with a number of Fortune 500 companies. The project is currently on-going with the Folio3 team constantly adding new features and functionality to the platform.


The platform was developed using Angular JS 2.0, Ionic 2, JQuery, Swift 3.0 and natural language processing (NLP).


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