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The company, Folio3, wanted to build speech to text software which allowed the smart analysis of audio and text based conversations. The main aim behind this project was to increase the workflow efficiency of the organization’s employees by lowering the working costs and for better time management.

Converse Smartly (CS) is an in-house project of Folio3 which was developed to demonstrate the skillset and capabilities of its development team in the rapidly growing fields of Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing (NLP). This project evolved from one of the winning ideas at Annual Hackathon (A.K.A. IdeaBash) at Folio3.

To develop an advanced speech recognition application, the Folio3 team first built a working prototype using the IBM Watson Speech API and the Natural Language ToolKit (NLTK). The application automatically identifies audio into fully transcribed text with top keywords, summary and sentiment analysis. Additionally, it also highlights themes and topics.

CS enables organizations and individuals to work smarter, faster and with greater accuracy. The application can be used to analyze dialogue or speech from team meetings, interviews, conferences and seminars and even lectures into text.

The current version of CS consists of following features:

  • Speech Analysis
  • Text Analysis
  • Summary Generation
  • Perform sentiment analysis
  • Generate word cloud from input speech and text
  • Identify key entities and themes during speech or conversation
  • Live Audio Transcription
  • Detect multiple speakers
  • Spot keywords


IBM Watson, Python's Natural Language Toolkit, Facebook's ReactJs, Java's Spring-boot.


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