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Bird B Gone

World’s leading manufacturer
of Bird Control products

The Customer

Bird B Gone is one of the most sought after name in the industry of professional pest control, Bird control in particular. The company was established in 1992 with an aim to eradicate bird-problems in a humane and effective manner.

The company has come a long way since its incorporation, and is now a leader in affordable and efficient bird control products. With hundreds of products ranging from plastic bird spikes and bird nets to bird repellers and bird-off gels, Bird B Gone provides its customers with the tools and services to take care of their bird problem.

The company’s management describes its mantra to be ‘customer-centric’ and that they consider their customers as partners and are always ready to cater to their needs.


Bird B Gone has a very active online following. The company always strives to provide 100% satisfaction to its customers. While the walk-in customers were catered to flawlessly, the domain where company had a solid room for improvement was their online eCommerce store.

The company aimed to provide outstanding user-experience and accessibility to its online customer base. The website already had 100,000+ monthly visitors that were growing with each passing day. Providing these online visitors with a unique and long-lasting online experience has been the company’s foremost priority.

Bird B Gone’s eCommerce Store was built on the community version of Magento 1; an outdated version that was soon to become obsolete in the upcoming months. The problems that the website had are described below:

  • There was a lot of duplication of media files. Same image was being called from numerous sources and was found in various files. This made the website heavy due to excess amount of media files.
  • File duplication was also an issue which declined the website’s performance.


It was imperative for the company to move to another eCommerce Platform if they were to resolve these problems. Bird B Gone decided to go with BigCommerce, an eCommerce store management system that had all the features Bird B Gone needed. So in order to migrate their store from Magento to BigCommerce, Bird B Gone employed the services of Folio3, a leader in BigCommerce Implementation worldwide and a trusted partner of BigCommerce.

Folio3 did the following for Bird B Gone:

  • Migration from Magento 1 to BigCommerce.
  • 301 URL redirects keeping the website Ranking and SEO unharmed.
  • Deletion of duplicate files smartly without impacting anything on the website.
  • Optimizing product and category pages along with improving the representation of customer date and order details.
  • Since their blog was on WordPress, Folio3 had to create a custom connector that served as a bridge between BigCommerce and WordPress. The URL structure that Bird B Gone wanted for their blog was “” instead of a sub-domain. The BigCommerce to WordPress connector created by Folio3 worked flawlessly, allowing Bird B Gone to carry on with the WordPress CMS for their Blog irrespective of their website being on BigCommerce.
  • Asset migration such as installation guides, product images, descriptions etc was one of the trickiest part in the whole migration Folio3 had to deal with. All assets were migrated successfully without any problem whatsoever.


The website’s data migration was carried out without any issue and within the specified deadline.

The removal of duplicate data along with other fixes improved the site’s performance by almost 70%. Bird B Gone found a trusted partner in the form of Folio3 who delivered more than what it promised thereby adding another happy client to its portfolio of numerous enterprise level BigCommerce implementations and migrations.



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