Augmented Reality App

An innovative app that
converts print media
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The Customer

This futuristic client brings the best home brands together on a smart platform that gives their users a way to customize the way their home products connect and communicate with each other. The company connects light, power and security related products in your home to a single app, allowing you to monitor and control multiple appliances through a single platform.


The client wanted a new generation marketing platform created for their printed media that would increase readers’ engagement via customized communication, using image recognition and augmented reality. They wanted to give their users the ease to scan an optical code or barcode through their app and convert the media (for instance a magazine etc.) onto their mobile. The client was interested in offering an optical code that was far superior to QR codes and watermarks.

The client approached Folio3 and after initial discussions and evaluation of the client’s specific development and design requirements, Folio3’s dedicated team of developers worked on providing the client with a highly innovative solution that was incredibly well designed and expertly implemented.

Folio3 assigned a dedicated team of 18 experts who worked tirelessly for 1.5 years on the project, developing a slick app that leveraged the native capabilities of both iOS and Android platforms. The expert team built an app with an advanced computer vision and machine learning techniques that would allow the consumers to immediately gain access to rich media content to augment their experience with offline objects, printed media and video streams.

Using a phone camera to find the company’s code on a magazine page or TV screen, the users of this app will be enjoy exclusive deals, discount codes, information regarding their favorite brands and sidebars on the subjects of their interest. Once the app has been downloaded and the barcode has been scanned, the app turns that particular publication into digital, making it more mobile responsive and allowing it to be viewed on the user’s phone. This app allows users to buy products directly through their phone, bookmark the article they want to read later and share their favorite photos and ads on various social networks with their friends.

Currently the app is compatible with magazines and offers complete customer support.


The innovative app was developed for the native platforms of iOS and Android, using MongoDB, Google Analytics framework for Analytics tracking and Angular Framework for Front End design.


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