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Magento 2 web store
selling piercings,
jewelery & accessories.

The Customer

Asimi4u is a Greece based online retailer of body piercings, piercing tools, jewelry and accessories.


Asimi4u initially contacted Folio3 for assistance with the installation of a Magento 2 plug-in on their soon to be launched web store. During that support call they also mentioned several problems they were having with key functionality on their Magento 2 site, resulting from an incomplete installation of Magento 2, which had been done by a third party vendor. These functionality issues were blocking the launch of their web store. The company was looking for a certified Magento partner who could resolve these issues as soon as possible, so they could launch their new Magento 2 storefront.


After conducting a thorough analysis of Asimi4u’s Magento 2 web store, the Folio3 team started resolving the issues identified, which included:

  • Nonfunctional data indexing function – this was due to errors in the implementation of the scheduled data indexing CRON job, which the folio3 team fixed.
  • Certain Item SKUs not being visible on the store, due to errors in the design theme implemented. The folio3 team fixed these errors so that all item SKUs were visible on the on the store, including on the product details page
  • SSL security not setup correctly – this too was fixed by the Folio3 team and deployed on their production server.

In addition to the above mentioned functionality fixes, Folio3 also developed and implemented certain customizations and updates on the Asimi4u site. These included:

  • Customer specific items and item categories that are only visible to logged in (registered) customers
  • The setup and deployment of a Magento 2 staging environment where Asimi4u’s Magento admins could add and test third party extensions, code changes and custom features, prior to deploying them on their live web store.
  • The setup and deployment of Folio3’s own maintenance mode extension for Magento 2, which Asimi4u can use on their storefront, to let visitors and customers know that the store is down for maintainence and when it will be available again

All of the above mentioned fixes and updates were deployed within the short span of 5 days.


Thanks to Folio3’s efforts, Asimi4u was able to launch its new Magento 2 web store within a week of contacting Folio3. The fixes and functionality updates implemented by folio3 have not only reduced’s downtime (since they can now do all testing in their staging environment) but has also helped enhance their customer base (registered users).


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