Best Magento Extensions to Improve your Conversion Funnel

Best Magento Extensions to Improve your Conversion Funnel

Making the most of the default Magento features is the first step toward improving your sales conversion funnel rates. There are numerous features such as persistent shopping cart and tier pricing that should be utilized. Not all of these would work for your website and therefore you will have to analyse the Magento sales funnel to see what works the best for you.

Moving on, there are some really good Magento extensions that you can use to enhance your store’s functionality and add more rewarding features to persuade customers you care about them and encourage them to buy more. Then there is the need to have good navigation to improve your sales conversion funnel.

The next thing should be clear and visible call-to-action elements like promotional banners and popups. Moreover, streamlining the checkout process also has an impact on the conversion rates.

Given that, here is a list of the best Magento extensions to improve your sales conversion funnel:

Rich Snippets Magento by FMEAddons

A major chunk of your traffic comes from the search engines and to get the user click on your product link you have to make your product as compelling as possible. You can boost your sales funnel conversion rates by adding the The Rich Snippets Magento extension to your website. It helps you make the rich snippets more informative, attractive and engaging by letting you display additional information like images, ratings, price, product name and a lot more.

Yotpo Magento Extension

Customer-generated reviews make for very valuable assets: a lot of customers would want to see how the experience was for other customers before making a decision. It helps build trust and gives you insight into your services and products that you can use to make improvements.  Yotpo Magento Extension is a great to enhance your Magento sales funnel, it not only helps increase your reviews but also helps present them tastefully.

Magento Reward Points Extension by Megastore

Rewarding your customers is one of the most effective ways to enhance conversions of your website. Magento Reward Points extension is one of the best Magento extensions for this purpose, as it enables you to create an entire system for rewarding your best customers. This leads to higher conversions as customers keep gaining points, they will keep buying more.

Zendesk Chat Extension

Zendesk Chat extension that enables users on your website to directly interact with your customer support team instead of going through the whole process of writing an email or filling a form. It is one of the best Magento extensions to resolve product related queries, where teams can reply in real time.  This not only enhances the customer experience but helps customer make purchasing decisions faster.

Magento 2 Improved Layered Navigation Extension by Tigren

A navigation extension is very important for any website looking to enhance their customer experience, making the Magento 2 Layered Navigation PRO a must-have in that case. This tool will not only help increase your sales funnel conversion rate but its filtering process is rather designed to bring about customer satisfaction. Some of the highlighted features include:

  • Fast matching filtered results with Ajax loading
  • Enable products to be filtered based on brands and ratings
  • Facilitate creations of unique ‘all products’ and brand pages
  • SEO friendly

Magento 2 Progressive Web App Extension

The Free Progressive Web Apps for Magento 2 applies modern web technologies to deliver app-like experience to your mobile users. It is a combination of webs and apps that helps enhance customer experience, drive more traffic and boost conversions.

Its top features include: ease of use, excellent speed; full-screen experience and engaging push notifications; search engine friendliness and convenient offline mode.

Magento 2 Daily Deal Extension by CMSmart

Every customer loves a good deal and are prone to clicking on the daily deals tab to see if there is something worth buying. The Magento Daily Deals extension enables you to create discount offers for the products and display them. Not only that, but it also empowers you to add a timer so to create a sense of urgency.

Magento 2 Popup Manager Extension by Tigren

Popup campaigns are an important part of any sales optimization strategy as it has the potential to exponentially increase the average basket value. One of the most powerful popup builder extension out there is the Popup Manager for Magento 2. It allows you to create unlimited customizable popups and display them on your favourite pages, even if you have no prior designing and programming knowledge.  Moreover, this extension enables you to segmentize your customers and provides detailed statistics.

Banner Manager Extension for Magento 2 by Tigren

Banners are a good way to enhance the user interface and more importantly customer experience. A powerful way to create and manage unlimited banners is The Banner Manager Extension for Magento 2. With this easy to use tool you can put up banners anywhere on your website. Furthermore, it also supports different display forms such as sliders, all images amongst many others.

Responsive Banner Slider

Banners are effective in conveying promotions, and an extension like Responsive Banner slider extension that helps you display multiple banners on product and home pages of your store with different transition effects is important. Announcements of offers, discounts and new products can easily be highlighted with this tool.

Magento 2 Single Page Checkout Extension by Amasty

Depending on your abandoned cart rate, you can gauge if the percentage of people adding things to the estore basket who are leaving without making a purchase is significant or not. If this number is high, one likely reason could be the checkout process.

Removing unnecessary steps and simplifying this process can help bring this figure down. The Magento 2 Single Page Checkout allows you to have a single webpage for checkout, resulting in an increase in the sales funnel conversion rate. Packed with features like Google Suggest, Mobile Responsive layout and Ajax, it lets you display three forms on a single page.

Magento 2 Google Analytics Extension

Google Analytics enables you to study the sales conversion funnel and understand where the customers are dropping it. It enables you to see important data of conversions, traffic to website and real-time analytics. With this free tool you can easily measure the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns.

Magento Facebook Advertising Extension by Github

Facebook is a widely used networking website; with an increasing number of App users. Facebook and Magento integration helps you make the most of this social networking platform, where you can sign up for a magento store using your Facebook account, add Facebook features to the product pages and carry out retargeting campaigns.



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